How to Configure Cain And Abel

Cain and Abel Hacking Computers

How to Configure Cain And Abel:

In previous tutorial we discussed about some basic features of Cain and Abel. In this tutorial we will show you some basic steps to configure Cain and Abel for your System. But first of all let’s take a look at important buttons and menus of Cain and Abel software.

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Configure Cain And Abel


1: Those two buttons are to start sniffer and APR poisoning in Cain and Abel.

2: It will show you the list of all the password captured by sniffer after APR poisoning.

3: It adds the list of networks ar export any list into Cain and Abel.



Configure Cain And Abel


This is the Network Tab. This window will show you all the  IP address connected to a single Wireless network. You can start hacking those IP addresses by choosing one of them. We will discuss more about this option in our next tutorial.

Let’s configure Cain and Abel for our system.

Open Cain And Abel, go to Configure. On sniffer tab you will see various Adapters with different IP addresses in them. Choose one of the correct adapter that you are using and click ok. You can choose an adapter that shows a valid IP address before them.

If you still don’t know which IP address to choose, then you have to try each one of them one by one.

After successfully selecting a valid Adapter we can start sniffing passwords. You can find the password sniffing guide in our next tutorial.

If you are facing any problem in configuring Cain and Abel, them comment below.


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