5 Genuine Ways to Earn Money from Home

Earn Money from Home

Earn Money from Home:

Hi friends, today I will share with you some secret to Earn Money from Home through online platforms.  I have been using these online portals for years to Earn money online hence, the websites that I will share with you will be authentic. Many people use The Internet as a tool to earn some quick cash. So why not you?. This post will show you some authentic websites through which you can also earn some cash. These websites either ask you to do some work or to Invest some money.

There are many ways to earn money online. Some of them are risky and some take hard-work. It’s up to you to choose a way, whether you want to work or you want to risk your money. I will show you all the ways through I have been making money through past few months.


1: Using Freelancer:

Earn Money from Home

You might have heard about freelancer website. It is an online portal of job seekers and job Givers. You can find many projects of your choice. With Freelancer, you can earn money by doing some part time work at home. You don’t have to be an expert to begin working in Freelancer. There are many exciting categories like Photography, Image editing, Video editing, MS Word, Excel, Logo designing. You can also browse through technical categories if you are good at them.

I started Freelancer by writing some articles for other websites. I used to get around 1-2$ per article at the beginning.

To start with, select a category of your choice and browse through the projects posted on it. Select a project then you can do and post a bid. For free subscriber, you will receive 8 bids so use them carefully. After posting a bid give them a good proposal. A proposal should contain your experience, and why he should give the project to you. If your bid is  selected the hirer will message you in freelancer. That’s it now you can begin earning money through freelancer.

Note: Download a Freelancer app to stay online. By being online all the time, you will have a better chance to get awarded the project. There are also many competitions held on freelancer. You can also participate in them. They require no bids hence are free for all.

Other Freelancer types of sites:   Elance, Upwork, TopTal, Guru, Peopleperhour etc.


2: Using Bitcoins:

Earn Money from Home

If you think that you cannot invest your time in doing hard work, then bitcoins is just for you. Bitcoins are digital currency are are not printed. Hence, they are not recognised by any central bank. But they can be converted to dollars. At present, 1 bitcoin= 437.75 US Dollar. The trick to earning money using Bitcoins is pretty simple. You have to invest some bitcoins on some internet marketing websites. These websites will return you some extra bitcoins every day. But be careful of these sites since they usually turn out as a fake.

There are many affiliate marketing sites that offer to earn money using Bitcoins. Some of them are fake and some works. But before beginning, you have to create a bitcoin wallet and address. To do so you can download any app (there are many apps available) and create your bitcoin account. You can also link your bank account address on it.

There are 2 ways to earn using bitcoins:

1: The simple way:

The simple way is that you have to click on a link on every 15 minutes. In exchange, they will give you free bitcoins. You can withdraw these bitcoins on your bitcoin address. There are many websites that offer this type of opportunities. You can find a list of free bitcoins websites on the below link.

10+ free bitcoins website

2: The Risky Way:

Anoter way is by investing on marketing websites. There are many websites that offers some money in return of investment. Many of them can be fake. Hence, I will give you an example of a website in which I haveen investing.

I have been investing some money on a site called Amazing5 for a while. I have invested 21$ and in return, they are giving me 1$ each for 31 days. The plan behind this is simple. You will get 5% of the money you invested for 31 days. Hence, if you invest 21$ for 31 days you will get (21+31)$. That means your investment has been more than doubled. The minimum investment is $21. And you can pay them using bitcoins or any other payments method.

But be careful before using such sites. Invest on your own risk since such websites tends to close after sometimes. Below is a proof of my investment and withdrawal.

Earn Money from Home

Here is my Referral link: https://amazing5.net/?ref=Joshi8h

3: By Creating a Blog:

Earn Money from Home

Creating a blog is quite easy. You can create your own website without knowing any programming. Earning money through website can be difficult but in the end, it works. If you have original articles and good topics then you can attract more visitors to your site. You can earn money through websites in 2 ways:

1: By adding Ads:

Earn Money from Home

Advertisement is the easiest method of earning money through a website. You can request google AdSense to place ads on your sites. With each click in the ads you will receive money on your AdSense account. But your website should be user-friendly and should contain original content. Gooogle will block your site if it find any pirated content. to know how to create a website click on the below link:

Create a WordPress website within 5 Hours 


2: By Affiliate Marketing:

Earn Money from Home

Nowadays many websites use Affiliate Marketing to earn money. Affiliate marketing is a technique to promote items of a different website. For example, you can promote Amazon’s products. If any user buys the product then you can earn upto 10% in commission. There are many other websites that offers affiliate marketing. But your website should be of a niche. For example, you can create a website displaying mobile reviews. On that, you can add Amazon products related to the electronic segment. It is the best and easiest way to earn quick money. You will just have to invest some time on writing articles for your blog.



4: Posting Youtube Videos:

Earn Money from Home

You must have seen many Youtube videos showing ads. Monetizing a Youtube video is quite easy. It is just like placing ads on your website. Just ask for permission from google and you can add advertisements to your video. Youtube ads are also quite profitable. If you are good at something then this is the best way to show peoples.


5: Creating an App:

Earn Money from Home

Creating an app requires professional knowledge of programming. But if you create one, you can also monetize it. An app advertisement gives much higher earning than Website ads. Hence, if you have any funny ideas or theories then you can convert them into an app.


These were some ways to Earn Money from Home. If you have any suggestion or any other way then do comment below. Also, share these tips with your family and friends.