Cain and Abel: Basic Tutorial

Cain and Abel Hacking Computers

What is Cain and Abel

Cain and Abel is a password recovery tool available as free to download from its official website. It can also be used for easy recovery of passwords from packets captured from a network. It allows the various type of password cracking tools like network sniffer, Brute Force and Dictionary attack, Voip conversations, hash decoders, Arp poisoning, analyzing routing protocols etc.

Other tutorials in this series:

Arp Poisoning is used to attack into a LAN network. It enables sniffing into any connected network and can analyze high security protocols such as ssh1 and https. Cain and Abel can work into any basic environment and is easy to use. Below we will show you some basic commands and buttons before going into hacking tutorial.

Download Cain and Abel:

cain and abel

Requirements for installing Cain and Abel

The system requirements needed to successfully setup Cain and Abel are:

– At least 10MB hard disk space

– Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista OS

– Winpcap Packet Driver (v2.3 or above).

– Airpcap Packet Driver (for passive wireless sniffer / WEP cracker).


Cain and Abel features:

  • Protected Storage Password Manager
  • Credential Manager Password Decoder
  • LSA Secrets Dumper
  • Dialup Password Decoder
  • APR (ARP Poison Routing)
  • Service Manager
  • Network Enumerator
  • Route Table Manager
  • Remote Registry
  • Sniffer
  • Routing Protocol Monitors
  • Wireless Scanner
  • Password Crackers
  • Cryptanalysis attacks
  • 802.11 Capture Files Decoder
  • WEP Cracker
  • Syskey Decoder

On next tutorial we will guide you to configure Cain and Abel. Also we will discuss about some important toolbars and buttons found in Cain and Abel.

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