Remote Administration Tool

What is Remote Administration Tool ( R.A.T)

Yeah, you guessed it right. I am talking of Remote Administration Tool, not the small pesky creature which might have troubled you for the last few days. Believe me, if you are troubled by that Rat, then this one is going to blow your minds. A Remote administration tool (RAT) is a piece of software that allows a remote “operator” to control a system as if he has physical access to that system.

You may have used TEAM VIEWER, VNC, etc. They are Remote Administration Tool but think of  a situation when a  hacker installs a malicious R.A.T on your computer (Back Orifice, iControl, NetBus, DarkComet,BlackShades,etc)  without your knowledge. Such type of software hide its operation from the victim and from security software. Think  of  the possibilities what such a software could do. Maybe you are typing confidential company reports, entering your Bank Credentials, typing your passwords,etc. That R.A.T  can log all your activities and secretly transmit that to the Hacker. You may be using the latest antivirus products but what if the R.A.T is using zero day exploits which are unknown to antivirus vendors too.

Ohh, your curiosity is aroused.  Well Remote Administration Tool can do any of the following things:

  1. Block mouses and keyboards or even control them
  2. Edit registry
  3. Download,uploads,deletes,and rename files
  4. Destroy hardware using Overclocking
  5. Use your internet connection as a proxy or perform Denial of Service(DOS) attack.
  6. Format drives
  7. Steal passwords, credit card numbers
  8. Silently install applications and viruses
  9. Log keystrokes using keylogger
  10. Send message boxes(Yep, Hacker may want to bully you)
  11. Shutdown,restart,log-off,etc
  12. Record media with connected webcam and microphone
  13. Play sounds
  14. View,kill,and start tasks in task manager


Huh,the list is long but these are the major functions most of the R.A.T can do but basically if the R.A.T is well designed, the operator can do anything they could do with physical access to the machine. You ain’t scared, Ohh, you wanna try it yourself.

Some links to download Remote Administration Tool are:

www.darkcomet-rat.com (“Official Site of DarkComet”)

www.hackforums.net (“This is a Hacking forum so be aware that you may be hacked using those softwares. Please verify by yourself”)

https://0day.in (“Another Hacking forum”)


After you get it, some common ways of spreading it are:

1: You may set up a Server and offer it as legitimate software.

2: You may send it via e-mail.

3: You may use pen-drives or any medium to share it.

Off course, you need to present it as a legitimate software, otherwise who would even click on it. You may use file binder for it. File binder is used to hide your R.A.T behind some legitimate software. You could use Crypter in order to protect it from Ant viruses, otherwise they would be detected by Antiviruses and all your efforts would be in vain.


Good Luck Guys, if you have any problem. Comment Below.

Happy Hacking

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