Easy Steps to Hack Wifi using Wireshark


Trick to Hack Wifi using Wireshark.

Hello Friends. In this post, we will discuss the methods through which we can hack wifi using Wireshark. It is really an easy method and does not require a strong network knowledge. We will use Wireshark for this method.

NOTE: Before knowing more about How to hack Wifi using Wireshark, please check that you are connected with a workingWifi network. This trick will also work if you are connected with a LAN network.

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Wireshark is a network Packet Sniffer software and is available for free. It interfaces with an 802.11 client card and passively captures (“sniffs”) 802.11 packets being transmitted within a wireless LAN. Hence, it is a very powerful packet sniffer tool. You can download this software from their official website here. Many hackers aroung the world are using Wireshark to get passwords.


Steps to hack Wifi using Wireshark.

1: How to setup Wireshark… installing Wireshark.

Wireshark is very easy to install. Just download the software and follow the install instructions. You may face some problems while sniffing data. It may be due to your network card. Since Wireshark does not support some network cards, hence you can only see the incoming packets.


2: Capture data and Hack WiFi using Wireshark.


First of all, we have to configure Wireshark. For proper configuration, change the wireless interface to 802.11 client device. To do this, click the Capture menu, choose Options, and select the appropriate interface.

You can also change the RF channel. If you want the Packet Sniffer to capture channel 1 traffic, then configure the Wireshark to channel 1. To do this, click the Capture menu, choose Options, and click Wireless Settings. The menu Advanced Wireless Settings will appear where you can change the channel.

You can also choose filters if you need one. Filters are used to capture a particular packet data for outgoing traffic. To set a filter, click the Capture menu, choose Options, and click Capture Filter. The Wireshark Capture Filter window will appear and now you can set various filters according to your needs.

We are now ready for capturing network traffic to hack WiFi using Wireshark. Just follow the below steps carefully.

Now we will start Packet capturing process to Hack WiFi. To do so, click the capture menu and choose start. You will see that Wireshark is capturing traffic and it will continue until its buffer is filled up. If you think that you have enough packets, click the Capture menu and choose Stop.


Hack Wifi using Wireshark


You will get an detailed summary of your captures packets. It will look something like the below image.

Hack Wifi using Wireshark


3: Analyzing content to read TCP packets.

This is the main method where you will analyze the data you have found. The top panel of the window identifies each packet’s source and destination nodes, protocol implemented, and information about each packet. You can select a specific packet of your need. The middle panel displays information about this packet, and you can choose a specific field of the packet. Here the content are displayed in hex or ASCII format.

Check out this video for more information.



You can dig deeper to find more interesting results such as Facebook PASSWORD or chat user ID etc. Its up to you, how far you are willing to go!.

We hope that this article to hack Wifi using Wireshark packet sniffer solved your purpose. Subscribe our website to learn more cool tricks.

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  1. @Hiamnshu sir, can you upload how to hack wifi using comView? Your steps for hacking wifi from other software is very useful and easy to understand. It would be great if you add comView also. Thank you for you hard working sir! 🙂

  2. Hey bro can we hack hidden wifi with reaver that hidden wifi is wps enabled when i m going to hack that wifi it show error that problem with associating (essid)
    So bro can u help me out …i want to hack my neighbours wifi which is hidden but i know wifi name thanks bro

  3. How to decrypt password from .cap file tell me fastest way or another way to crack coz i dont able to decrypt from aircrack tht is to slow 1400 kps getting speed but i have been 8000000 around key test but i tired to hack tell the fastest way or anymore method