How to hack WiFi using wifi warden (WPS Connect)


How to hack WiFi using wifi warden

WiFi warden is an Android app which can be used to detect vulnerabilities of any WiFi adapter. In this post we will give a detailed tutorial on How to hack WiFi using wifi warden.

WiFi Warden is mainly used to monitor a WiFi device and to check frequency, channel, modem manufacturer, encryption, security, distance to the router, power, name and Mac address of wireless access points around it. This app can be used on both non-rooted android device (Android 5 and later) and rooted device (android 4.4 and earlier).

With WiFi Warden, you can secure your WiFi network, monitor it and check it for any vulnerabilities or flaws. Also, you can use it to find loopholes on any other WPS enabled WiFi adapter.

Download WiFi Warden from Gogle Play store by clicking on this link.


How to hack WiFi using wifi warden (WPS Connect)


1: Download WiFi warden from play store and installon your Android device.

2: On the network tab you can see all the available WiFi networks near you. Click on any one of them.

3: Select your desired network. You will get options to Connect, increase security and more.

4: If you want to use WiFi warden to increase you WiFi security, then use first step (Increase security).

5: If you want to check vulnerabilities or crack a WiFi network, then use the “connect” option.

6: Select ” Connect using WPS”. If you donot know the adapter pin, then use “Calculate pin” option.

7: You will see multiple Pins. Select one of them or try all to generate a pin.

8: If the WiFi adapter is vulnerable to attacks, then it can easily be cracked and pin number will be displayed. You can now use this pin to connect to that WiFi network.

Using this method you can easily hack WiFi using wifi warden. This is one of the best and fast WiFi cracking app available for Android. Also Read 15 Best Wifi Hacker tool for PC and Android of 2017.