5 popular hacking websites for beginners to become a Pro Hacker


Hi, this post will guide you through the best hacking websites for beginners through which you can hack like a pro. These hacking websites has in-depth tutorials and forums. Through these forums users can interact with each other and guide them. These websites are also known for the constant support towards its users. But before accessing these websites you might need to know some basic programming.

To become a pro hacker, one should have knowledge of C, HTML, XML, Java Script, CSS. Also, you must have a basic understanding of Networks. If you have some skills in these languages then you can easily become a pro hacker. If not, you can still learn hacking but you will always have to depend upon tutorials.

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Why to learn Hacking?

Some might say to gain knowledge, some for personal satisfaction. But we all know why we want to learn hacking. Whether you are a computer science graduate or someone just interested to hack something. The story is the same. It gives you an edge towards others and you can show-off our skills. But do you know that you can also earn with hacking. You don’t need to be a professional or ethical hacker to earn some bucks from hacking. There are many people who earn money by exploiting vulnerabilities in websites.

Websites like Facebook and Microsoft pays these people to find bugs in their websites. You can also use your hacking knowledge in these fields. To do so you have to learn some basic programming fundamentals and constantly update your knowledge from these 5 hacking websites for beginners.


Who can become a hacker?

Anyone can become a hacker. It doesn’t matter if you are a computer science or a commerce graduate. All you need is to learn some programming and follow some guides. Once you have gained enough knowledge, you can craft your own tutorials and can start hacking things of your own. Below are 5 best hacking websites. Follow them regularly and you can easily learn hacking and become a pro.


5 most popular hacking websites for beginners


1: Hack A Day (Hackaday.com)

hacking websites for beginners

Hack a day comes under the most popular hacking websites for beginners. It is completely based on tutorials and hacking guides. You can find thousands of hacking tutorials. And the best part is that this website also provides hardware hacking tips. Just name a hardware and you will get its hacking guide. From Mobile phones to gameboy and you will find everything here.

This website also organize competitions for hacking. So if you are a pro hacker then you can test your skills here.


hacking websites for beginners

As name suggests, Evilzone is a purely hacking based forum. You can find millions of users discussing hacking tools and tips. You can even post your query and  ask some hacker to help you out. Currently, this forum is the most popular hacking forum. So if you want to increase your social community, this is the best place to visit.

This hacking website has some of the best professionals so don’t ask for silly hacking tips.


hacking websites for beginners

One of the best hacking websites for beginners with guide and tutorials. Hacking Tutorial has well explained and detailed guide of hacking. You can also find various tools of hacking.  This website will let you through different techniques and methods of hacking. Also you can learn to use some new hacking software.


hacking websites for beginners

A good example of hacking community, hack this site gives you a platform to test your hacking skills. This hacking website is a free training ground for hackers. If you think that you are a pro hacker then you can visit this website to test your knowledge.

Also there are various hacking articles and forums to discuss hacking tips. This website is for all hackers who want to explore more and show their skills to the world.


hacking websites for beginners

This website is for Pro hackers. If you think that you have gained enough knowledge and you are ready to test your skills. Then this website is just for you. This site provides you with real-time vulnerabilities in softwares or hardware. If you are a hacker then you can test your skills by exploiting those vulnerabilities.

If you have any other hacking websites in mind then do let us know. Also share this post with your friends on social media networks.