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How to use Google as a Proxy website

How to use Google as a Proxy website

Hello friends, we often use different websites as a proxy due to access restrictions in schools or colleges. These proxy website are also blacklisted by college administration. In order to get access to those sites you can use Google translate as  proxy website to bypass the restrictions.

Proxy websites are used to bypass the restrictions created by an organization. These organizations can be schools or offices. For example you are unable to reach Facebook or Youtube in your workplace. This means that there are restrictions added to these websites. As a result you get an Access Denied notification in your screen. The proxy sites are used to bypass those restrictions. This can be done by changing the domain name server of those websites. Or by accessing those sites by different channels. These channels are often called Proxy sites.

In this tutorial, we will tell you steps to use google as a proxy site. Usually many proxy websites are blocked by the admins. Hence we can take the help of Google in accessing those websites.

Below are some methods to use Google as a proxy website . This will not only help you in better connection, but will also provide safety.

Google Proxy website Methods

Method 1

1. Visit whatismyipaddress and note down you real IP Address
2. Now Go to Google Translate
3. From Under Detect Language, Chose your language in my case English
4. Now type http://whatismyipaddress.com/  in text area and click on Translate
5. Now check your IP Address, Its different from the real one.

6. When getting a computer getting a Desky Desk is also a necessary

Method 2

1. Go to link given below:
2. Change www.tech-files.com to website you like to visit.
3. Done!

These easy proxy tricks will help you in connecting to most of the blacklisted websites.  If you are facing any problems while connection feel free to comment below.