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Command Prompt Tricks 2016


We have previously written about CMD tricks. Today we will go further and discuss about hacking windows system using its command prompt tricks. CMD is a very powerful tool, and can be dangerous if you know its proper use. 

Easy Command Prompt Tricks

Step 1: Open CMD

Command Prompt tricks
Command Prompt tricks
Command Prompt tricks
Command Prompt tricks

There are two options here:

1. If you have access to the run feature (in the start menu or press windows button-r), you should be able to access the command prompt by typing CMD into the dialogue box (pictured below). You are lucky and you can skip the next step.

2. If you are unlucky, and you cannot find the run feature in the start menu, you’re account is probably not blessed with administrative privileges. But we can fix that…

Open notepad (which is in the start menu under accessories)

Then type in “Command.com” (without the quotation marks). After that, type on a new line (by pressing the enter key once) “pause” (once again without the quotation marks).
Got that?


For Windows 7 users, just type cmd on the search box.

Now for the tricky part. Click the save button under the file drop-down tab in the top left-hand corner of the window. a menu should come up that allows you to browse files.Name the file as follows:
(The .bat means that it is a batch file .Batch files are the language of command prompt.)
Save the file in a convenient and easy to access place (I used my desktop)You should now have a fully functional shortcut to access the Command Prompt Interface. If this doesn’t work, leave me a comment or message and i’l get back to you as soon as possible.

Step 2: Making a New Account

Now, once you have notepad up and running, you can start hacking!!!First we’ll start by making a new account. Open notepad and type
“net user ______ <-(new username) _______<-(new username)/add”
(once again, WITHOUT the quotation marks)Logout or switch user on you’re computer so the welcome screen comes up. The new user’s profile icon should nowbe present, along with the password and default avatar picture.

You now have a clean, un-screwed-up profile to play with.


Step 3: Giving yourself ADMIN Privileges

this step is the easiest really, and it can grant you the ability to run whatever programs you want and install whatever you want on your computer, the way it should be.so, open command prompt and type:”net localgroup administrator _______<-(you’re account’s name) /add”
(DONT type this with the quotation marks).

It should run through some crap then say command complete!.
After that, log back into your account and enjoy administrative privileges!

Command Prompt tricks
Command Prompt tricks

Step 4: To change someone else’s password

To change someone else’s password, simply type this in:

“net user _____<-(username) *)”
(DO NOT  add the quotation marks)

Type the new password in, and type it in again to confirm it and you’re set!

We hope that you have performed almost every Command Prompt tricks using this article. If you are still facing any problems then feel free to comment below.


  1. hello sir, I want to ask you that I used cmd and follow all steps of WiFi hack as described.but when i type netsh wlan show profiles and click enter the all profiles of wifi routers are come and my neibour has WiFi locked it not come in all profiles why?