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How to Create A CON Folder in Windows System

How to Create A CON Folder in Windows System

In this tutorial, we will learn to create a undeletable and unrenamable folder also known as CON Folder in your desktop running windows. This trick can be used without using any kind of software or applications . Just follow below given steps and you can create a folder in minutes.


What is a Con Folder?

con folder

Con is a MS Dos device driver name that is only reserved to be used in DOS Commands. Hence you cannot use this name as a Folder name. But below we will show you a trick to rename your folder name to Con Folder. Since Con is a reserved name in Windows system, the folder that is created will not be deletable of renamable by any software. You can only delete it by using some cmd commands discussed belows.

There are more reserved keywords that can be used as an alternative to con folder. That is you can use these words instead of con to create an undeletable and unrenamable folder. They are:

  • PRN : System list device, usually a parallel port
  • AUX : Auxiliary device, usually a serial port
  • CLOCK$ : System real-time clock
  • NUL: Bit-bucket device
  • A:-Z: : Drive letters
  • COM1 : First serial communications port
  • LPT1 : First parallel printer port
  • LPT2 : Second parallel printer port
  • LPT3 : Third parallel printer port
  • COM2 : Second serial communications port
  • COM3 : Third serial communications port
  • COM4 : Fourth serial communications port


How To Create CON Folder ?


Follow the below step by step procedure to create a con folder in Windows system.


  1. Go to Start and then Click on Run
  2. Type cmd & hit enter (To open Command Prompt ).
  3. Remember you cannot create con folder in your root directory (i.e. where the windows is installed) That means you can’t make this kind of folder in C: drive if you installed windows on C:
  4. Type D: or E: and hit enter
  5. Type md con\ and hit enter (md – make directory)
  6. You may use other words such as aux, lpt1, lpt2, lpt3 up to lpt9 instead of con in above step.
  7. Open that directory, you will see the folder created of name con.
  8. If you try to delete that con folder or rename that folder than windows will show the error message.

How to delete Con folder ?

Since you cannot delete the con folder using regular delete options. Hence you have to follow the below steps to delete that con folder.

It is not possible to delete that folder manually but you can delete it by another way mentioned below.

  1. Open Command Prompt
  2. Type D: ( if u created this type of folder in D: drive) & hit enter
  3. Type rd con\ (rd – remove directory)
  4. Open that directory and the folder will not appear because it is removed.

If you are still facing any problems in following these steps, feel free to comment below. Also check out our other latest articles  below.