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Tricks: How to hide IP Address


Hiding an IP Address is an easy task .Completely hiding an IP address will make you virtually inaccessible to internet, that is, it would be impossible to use that device to connect the internet. On the other hand, it is possible, and sometimes desirable to hide our public (WAN) IP address from curious eyes and from many internet servers (that is, from web sites such as forums, game sites, etc.).

In this article we will talk about different ways of hiding an IP address, and why one should hide their IP.

So the question is why should I hide my IP. What is the importance of an IP address and why people use to hide it.

Why Should I hide my IP : 

  • Anonymous surfing. Protecting your privacy and covering your tracks. To hide your real public IP address from the curious eyes when surfing online, and thereby protecting the privacy of your private life. It is no one’s business, and your concern for protecting it is fully warranted. Hiding your real WAN IP address would help you to surf anonymously and conceal your online activities.
  • Security. When you surf the internet, your IP is exposed to the websites you visit, forums you post messages, etc. Sometimes, besides the webmasters, other internet users are able to see your IP. And they can use your IP address for malicious aims. So, hiding IP helps you in protecting your identity and stopping hackers . Identity thieves can use your public IP addresses to compromise your computer by installing keyloggers, Trojans, and other malicious tools to aid their crime. You may not want to risk your private information being exposed. By hiding your public IP address, you help protecting your identity, passwords and other personal details against malicious websites, hackers, identity thieves, etc that try to steal your personal data.
  • Preventing companies and online advertisers from tracing your online activity patterns, surfing habits, etc.
  • Un-banning the forms, blogs, game sites, and other websites that banned you or your IP address. By hiding your IP, you can easily access these banned sites.
  • Sending anonymous emails. People can trace your IP address by checking email headers. Even there are online email tracers where people can trace IP addresses of emails they received. By hiding your actual IP address, you can anonymously send emails through such webmail services like Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail. However, bear in mind that eventually your ISP knows your actual IP address and logs all of your activities. So, if required by law, they can disclose such information.
  • Accessing web sites and web content in a school, worksite or country where content is highly filtered or web surfing is greatly restricted.
  • Hiding your actual location to access restricted content served on the basis of geographic location. Many websites, such as YouTube, offer media that is only available to users from particular countries. If you want to access such media, you may need to hide your IP address, and present a different one appears coming from a different country.
  • Circumventing censorship: Certain countries apply very strict internet regulations and a severe internet censorship where people have but only very limited access to internet content that is easily accessible by other people. In such countries, you can use proxies or a VPN to hide your ip and access such restricted content. This same thing holds true for any worksites or schools where access to such networking sites as Facebook are blocked.

Ways to Hide IP Address

There are a couple of ways for you to surf anonymously or hide your home IP address. The following ways are just bare basics, and are covered in greater details in their own pages.


Hide IP Through Web Proxy Servers

Perhaps the most common way of hiding IP address is to use this or that type of proxy servers. A proxy server is a computer network service that provides an indirect network connectivity that enable the users to access other network services such as web content. In other words, a proxy server acts as an intermediary between you and the website, etc. that you want to access. You send your request to the proxy server, and after receiving your request, it sends it to the target content or service provider as its own, and fetches the content and sends it to you. The target server containing the service/content (forum, online game server, download server, blog, content site, etc.) sees the proxy server as the requester, not you. This way, you hide your real WAN IP, and still gain access to the desired content/service. To this end, people usually use web based proxies. Some of these web proxies are free and allow anonymous surfing, while other (and more advanced) web proxies offer premium services with a higher level of anonymity.

Hide IP Address Through Browser Proxy Configuration.

Another way to hide IP address is to change the internet browser proxy settings. For this, you need to configure your Browser Proxy Settings . There are many proxy service providers, including Google, that provide proxy services through browser configuration. 

Hide IP Address Through VPN Services

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a technology using Internet or another intermediate network to connect to some other remote networks that would be inaccessible otherwise. The security provided by VPN isolates traffik flowing through VPN connection from the rest of the network. Besides other usages, VPNs can be used to hide IP addresses effectively, protect personal data, and surf anonymously. In a word, it is is a private network that allows you to direct all of your traffic through another server, often after encrypting. To transfer data securely, various protocols are used to create some kind of encrypted tunnel. A VPN protects your data over the Internet, much like a Firewall protects your computer data. In fact, VPNs offer security at a much low price than private networks.

Hide IP Address Through TOR

Also known as “The Onion Router,” TOR is an internet system for enabling online anonymity. It is a system that enables you to hide your IP address while routing your connection through a complicated series of servers throughout the world. TOR one of the best ways to hide your IP and stay anonymous while surfing online.

 IP Hiding Software

There are many IP hiding software available. Some are free and provided as shareware, while others are sold by monthly/yearly subscription or at a one-time price. Such proxy software are usually faster and more reliable. Some of them are:

Hide IP Address              Download

Easy HIde IP                    Download

Mask My IP                       Download

Hide all IP                          Download


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