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Top 5 trending puzzle games on Android that you never heard before

Top 5 trending puzzle games on Android that you never heard before

It seems to be an interesting topic, isn’t it? Everyone from their childhood are fond of games such as 카지노 사이트 and especially the logical or puzzle games that keep our mind on refreshing and in enthusiasm mode.

We all like to spend our time when we have nothing to do, and for those times these games are better option for us, especially these puzzle games. We all have played the jigsaw game, the most popular game of each and every kid, that requires interlocking photo images. If you are looking for something different, try Stardew Valley, a simulation indie farming game inspired by Harvest Moon, developed by Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone. Players create avatars to manage a farm inherited from their grandfather, exploring and interacting with townsfolk daily. Barone aimed to emulate Harvest Moon while addressing its shortcomings. It is single player and quite the adventure!

Here we go, the top 5 trending puzzle games on Android that you might have never heard before:-

5 trending puzzle games on Android

1. Brain it on:-

trending puzzle games on AndroidIt is basically a puzzle game that is based on the physics, a branch of science that we all love to read. In this game you have to draw a design or a shape to solve the puzzle according to the game.  An interesting fact is that it looks so easy that many of you will think, “I will possibly solve these puzzles in an hour”, but it’s not. Brain it on is a game in which you can compete with your friends and share your unique solution with them. If you don’t like ads in between of your game and want solution of each puzzle,  you can purchase it at a cost of Rs.                                                  46.33 – 200 per item.

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2. Wizard of Oz Trending puzzle games on Android:-

trending puzzle games on AndroidI bet, you have never heard or played this game before. It has been rated 4.7 in Google Play store and has been downloaded over 1,000,000 times across the globe. This game is based on the movie “Wizard of Oz “,  and have characters which resemble to the movie. If you have watched this movie before your interest level will reach to greater heights and you will like this game very much.  Wizard of Oz has both adventure and puzzles to solve, leading in unlocking new levels. It take turn into the real life when you battle against the Wicked witch.

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3. Plumber:-

trending puzzle games on AndroidIf you are interested in solving puzzles too deeply than you all must try this game. In this game you have to save flower by connecting those pipelines in best possible ways. If you have great skills in solving plumber puzzles, this game reveals your all special skill. The gameplay of this game is too simple, all you need is to just touch each piece and rotate it around to make a complete pipe and save the flower by supplying water into it.  Plumber has a total 200 levels for free and crossing each level difficulty increases.

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4. Escape a New York hotel:-

trending puzzle games on AndroidIn this game you have to escape from the beautiful hotel and find the items as per the rules of the game. It is very simple and easy to play, you have to just tap it, if you want to magnify images, just tap twice in the item. According to the reviews of the game, it seems that it has a good graphic quality and auto save option are liked by the gamers.

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5. Tic  Tac Toe:-

trending puzzle games on AndroidDo you remember, you have played this game at the end pages of your notebook “X and O or someone remember by noughts and crosses”. Tic Tac Toe has forced us to keep this game in the list of top 5 Trending puzzle games on Android.



It gives you the following features:-

  • Various levels and in each level difficulty increases.
  • It’s basically a multiplayer puzzle game.
  • A new feature i.e. Different theme or skins.
  • And at last, you will get a report of your performance.

As you all remember, this game is played by the two players and X or O is selected individually.  A 3×3 matrix is made and the player which made O or X in vertical or diagonal or horizontal directions 3 in a row respectively  wins the games.  Tic Tac Toe is played when you have free  time or you have to spend time with your kids. Stop wasting paper and play this game on Android devices.

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Tic Tac Toe is so popular that Google has also its own virtual game, if you don’t want to download the app and want to play it online just follow these simple steps:-

  • Open your Browser and type www.google.com
  • Just type Tic Tac Toe in the google search engine and a virtual game appears
  • You have to select one of them either ” O or X “
  • It contains different levels of difficulties i.e. Easy, medium, and hard.

Hope you all liked our list of Trending puzzle games on Android. Don’t forget to like our page to read such types of interesting articles.

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