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Stagefright Bug: Almost every Android Device is Vulnerable

Stagefright Bug: Almost every Android Device is Vulnerable

Do you know that your secured Android Smartphone is not secure enough. If you are still figuring out why, let me tell you why. Recently users have discovered a bug that help hackers to get access to your media libraries. This bug is known as Stagefright and has affected almost every Android Smartphones that have Android Froyo 2.2 OS or later on it.

This bug has given advantage to many hackers around the world to get access to personal media libraries. These media libraries contain your personal photographs and videos. Hence we recommend you to install a newer antivirus on your smartphone.

Many Smartphone manufacturers like Samsung and Motorola are now releasing Stagefright bug Fix. You can download them to increase your mobile security.

How does Stagefright bug works.

We all love music and videos. And for that love sakes, we download those music videos from illegal sites without thinking twice. Out of these illegal sites, there may be one or two that will give you compromised mp3 or mp4 files. These files will work as same as the original one. But it will also consist a virus that will take an advantage of that Stagefright bug. This Stagefright bug will then help hackers to get an easy access to your smartphone libraries. Hence gaining the access to your whole Smartphones files.

This bug is not only reported in earlier OS such as 2.2 Froyo, but also in new Android OS 5.0. Hence if you are thinking that your device is updated, then think again. This new version of Stagefright bug has gone too far and has now become uncontrollable. The hackers will be able to hack your smartphone without knowing your mobile numbers.

How to Fix it:

This bug is old and has been in smartphones for years. Earlier Google said that they have fixed Stagefright bug, but it seems that they have not. There is a new version of Stagefright bug revolving around your smartphones. Earlier this August Google was notified about this bug. Hence you need to fix it as soon as possible before your personal contents starts revolving around the internet.

We already explained it’s working. So if you have to stop it, then you have to follow some steps recommended by many experts. First of all, stop downloading illegal files using pirated websites and torrents. Because they are the best way for a Stagefright bug to make your mobile vulnerable. Secondly download patches and updates provided by your smartphone manufacturers. Google and Samsung have already provided some security patches for many smartphone models. and they will continue to provide those patches. Hence download them instead of downloading pirated music and videos.

We hope that you have taken all necessary steps to avoid this Stagefright bug in your Smartphone. If you are still facing any problems then you can comment below.