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Spy on Cell Phone using mSpy

Spy on Cell Phone using mSpy
mSpy: Spy on cell phone

Spy on Cell Phone using mSpy: Nowadays, cellphone contains more information than a private computer. This is because most of the basic work can be done by a cellphone. Hence spying on a cellphone can generate a lot of useful information. With the advancement of technology, it is possible to hack anything. Even an electronic Washing machine or an electronic car can be hacked. But what about a cellphone?

mSpy: Spy on cell phone
mSpy: Spy on cell phone

Well, it can be easy to spy on Cellphone, but its not free. mSpy is a tool that can spy on your children’s or your spouse cellphone. It is one of the best and validated hacking software. You may see a lot of cell phone spying software on the internet. But most of them are either fake or are itself a malicious virus. mSpy has been on the market since 2011. With over 1 million users worldwide,  mSpy is the best selling spy program right now.

As name suggests, mSpy is used to spy on cellphone. It can be used to record activities like phone calls, text messages, GPS location, emails, web activities and much more. Hence you may get a lot of information using this software. It can also deliver accurate GPS information, internet browsing history and logged phone call history. Hence you might get more information than you can handle.

Some of the features of mSpy are discussed below:

mSpy: Spy on cell phone
mSpy: Spy on cell phone

Spy on Cell Phone using mSpy:

1: Monitoring Messenger:

mSpy: Spy on cell phone
mSpy: Spy on cell phone

mSpy can easily monitor messenger chats. Most of the messenger apps are supported by mSpy. Some of them includes Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Snapchat, telegram, Facebook messenger, Instagram etc. You can even get info about the shared media files such as images, video and audio files.

2: Call Blocking:

You can set a list of phone numbers that will be blocked by mSpy. It is one of the important feature of mSpy and can be very useful for parents.

3: GPS Tracking:

mSpy: Spy on cell phone
mSpy: Spy on cell phone

With GPS tracking feature, you can watch the movement of your kids. You can also add an alert for an area. To setup an alert, you need to add a restricted area to the list. Hence whenever your kid runs to thata area, an alert will be send to you.

4: Website Blocking:

You an block a various number of websites using mSpy. This feature is very useful for parental control. You can also restrict the time usage on a particular website.

5: App Blocking:

This might look like some harsh punishment but you can easily block an App on a smartphone. mSpy gives you a feature to block certain apps on your kids cell phone.

6: Phone Call Logs:

Spy on incoming and outgoing calls of your Spouse or kid.

7: SMS Logging:

mSpy: Spy on cell phone
mSpy: Spy on cell phone

Spy on incoming and outgoing messages.

8: Remote device Lock:

You can lock on a smartphone using remote connection. You can even wipe off all the data of an mobile phone.

9: Key Logging:

Key logging is a feature that enables a user to record the typed keys. hence it can be used to generate certain passwords and user id of websites such as Facebook.

10: Cell ID tracking:

This feature is used to track the location of a cell phone in absence of GPS feature.


mSpy is compatible with almost all android and iPhones. Following android versions are compatible with mSpy.

  • Android Cell Phones and Android Tablets – All versions after Android 4
  • Apple – iPhones, iPads and iPod – up to iOS 9.0.2

You can also use mSpy to spy on a Computer or a laptop. Premium version of mSpy is available for $16.67 for a month. Below is the link to get mSpy for Phone or Desktop.


If you want to see a demo of mSpy, click on the link below. Here you can look at how mSpy works.