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How to remove Delta search from Browser

How to remove Delta search from Browser

Delta-Search is Search and Toolbar service provider. Delta search holds great rank in top sites at near about with Rank 45. But sometimes it automatically gets installed in our browser, and becomes one of the most annoying part of the browser. If something like this has also happened with you, then you can follow this article to remove this irritating part from your browser. Below are some steps to Remove Delta Search Toolbar from Mozilla and Google Chrome.


Remove Delta Search Toolbar From Device


Firstly you have to uninstall its toolbar from your pc or laptop. Because before remove will not be able to remove it from homepage also. So uninstall toolbar first.

  • Click on Start Menu >> Then open your control panel
  • Now Select Program and Features
  • Then Find Delta Toolbar or something related to delta and uninstall it.
  • If you don’t Find Any program related to Delta then follow below portion to remove from browser

Remove Delta Search Toolbar From Mozilla Browser

  • Open your Mozilla Firefox Browser >> Now Select Tools Option from menu bar
  • Now Click on Add-ons Button >> Switch To Extension tab from left side
  • Now Uninstall Delta Toolbar from your browser


  • Just open new blank tab and then type About:config and press I’l’ proceed button
  • Now search for browser.startup.homepage then right click on it and modify
  • then remove any existing URL and type Google or any other. If you don’t want then leave it black and save it

Setup New Homepage In Mozilla

  • After removing Toolbar go to Tool >> Option >> General Tab
  • Now Setup your New homepage by adding URL in given box
  • Save it.

Steps To Remove Delta Search From Google Chrome

  • Open Your Google Chrome Browser.  Then click on Menu bar present at Top Right Corner
  • Now click on Settings button >> Then Selection Extension menu from Left side
  • Now Find Delta Search and uninstall it.

Setup New Homepage in Chrome

  • After Removing Toolbar From Extension
  • Then Switch to Settings Tab from left side
  • Now select On Startup Option and select Open Specific page option.
  • Now Click on Set Pages and Add the URL of your Homepage which you want on browser startup.
  • Then Save it.


Now you will be able to remove Delta search toolbar from your browser successfully Otherwise your also follow steps mention on info page of delta search about uninstalling it from different browsers.


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