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Recover Lost Passwords through Cain and Abel

Recover Lost Passwords through Cain and Abel

Steps to Recover Lost Passwords: 

According to Cain and Abel’s website, it is used to recover lost passwords from your system. Cain and Abel can recover your cached passwords of IE, wireless passwords etc. To do so follow the given steps below to recover lost passwords:

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Steps to Recover lost passwords through Cain and Abel:

1: open Cain and Abel programme.

Recover Lost Passwords

2: Click on Decoders

3: Click on the Wireless Password tab

Recover Lost Passwords

4: Click on the blue + button

Recover Lost Passwords

5: It will show all of the previous passwords of your Wireless modem and Routers. You can follow the same steps for other tabs too ex IE 7 etc.

Note: This programme will only work if your system has stored the cached password in its memory or if you have not formatted your system.


On next tutorial we will learn how to sniff passwords of user connected to your network or on a same LAN network. We will cain and abel’s Sniffer to sniff the activities on those systems.