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Wifi hacker app and Security apps for Android

Wifi hacker app and Security apps for Android

Smartphones have become the most popular gadgets nowadays and it is being used by almost everyone. People are now utilizing their smartphones for most of their work. Android is most popular mobile OS with more than 60% market share. In this post, we will discuss 10 Wifi hacker app that is available for Android devices.

The Android app store is flooded with millions of apps. You can find an app for almost anything from entertainment to utilities. Companies are now focusing on developing security apps, since millions of unsecured users are connected with android smartphones. Below is a list of 10  wifi hacker app for android that can be used as a platform for hacking, or for security purpose. We have also given a tutorial about how to crack wifi password on android without root.

10 Real wifi hacker app for android:


1. dSploit Wifi hacker app:

wifi hacker app android real

dSploit is a nice Android network penetration testing suit. It comes with all-in-one network analysis capabilities. Like most of the other penetration testing tools, it also comes for free. So, you can download and use this app on your Android device and perform network security testing. It has various pre-compiled modules to use. The app is designed to be very fast, handy and easy to use, it’s just point and click.

dSploit supports all Android devices running on Android 2.3 Gingerbread or higher, and you also need to root your device. If you are newbie, we will never recommend you to use the app if you don’t know how to root your Android device. After rooting your device, you need to install BusyBox Installer before operating dsploit. Download BusyBox from Google Play Store:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jrummy.busybox.installer&hl=en

Then download the app from the link given below.

dsploitApp is available on the external mirror from github: https://github.com/evilsocket/dsploit/downloads

Download dsploit from googleplay here

These are the available modules in the app.

  1. RouterPWN
  2. Trace
  3. Port Scanner
  4. Inspector
  5. Vulnerability Finder
  6. Login Cracker
  7. Packet Forger
  8. MITM

2. Network Spoofer:

how to crack wifi password on android without root wifi hacker app android real

Network Spoofer is another nice WiFi hacker app that lets you change the website on other people’s computer from your Android phone. Download the Network Spoofer app and then log onto the Wi-Fi network. Choose a spoof to use with the app, then tap on start. This app is considered as a malicious hacking tool by network administrators. So, don’t try on unauthorized networks. This is not a penetration testing app. It’s just to demonstrate how vulnerable the home network is.

Download this app from sourceforge http://sourceforge.net/projects/netspoof/


3. Shark for Root:

how to crack wifi password on android without root

Shark for Root is a nice traffic sniffer app for the Android device. It works fine on 3G and Wi-Fi: both network connectivity options. You can see the dump on the phone by using Shark Reader that comes with the app. You can also use Wireshark, a similar Wifi hacker app to open the dump on the system. So, start sniffing data on your Android device and see what others are doing.


4. Penetrate Pro:

wifi hacker app how to crack wifi password on android without root

Penetrate Pro is a nice Wifi hacker app used for Wi-Fi decoding. The latest version of the app has added many nice features. It can calculate the WEP/WAP keys for some wireless routers. If you have installed an Antivirus app, it may detect Penetrate Pro app as a virus. But this app is a security tool and it will not affect or harm your device.

Penetrate gives you the wireless keys of Discus, Thomson, Infinitum, BBox, Orange, DMax, SpeedTouch, DLink, BigPond, O2Wireless and Eircom routers.


5. DroidSheep [Root]:

wifi hacker app how to crack wifi password on android without root

DroidSheep is a session hijacking tool for Android devices. This is an app for security analysis in wireless networks. It can capture Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, Gmail or other website accounts easily. You can hijack any active web account on your network with just a tap by using the DroidSheep app. It can hijack any web account.

This app demonstrates the harm of using any public Wi-Fi.

Download this app from here: http://droidsheep.de/?page_id=23


6. DroidSheep Guard:

DroidSheep Guard is another Android app that also developed Droidsheep. This app does not require a rooted device. This app monitors Android devices’ ARP-table and tries to detect ARP-Spoofing attack on the network performed by DroidSheep, FaceNiff and other software.

Download DroidSheep Guard from external link: 



7. Nessus:

Nessus is a popular penetration testing tool that is used to perform vulnerability scans with its client/server architecture. It also released its mobile app to bring its power on mobile devices. Nessus Android app can perform following tasks.

  • Connect to a Nessus server (4.2 or greater)
  • Launch existing scans on the server
  • Start, stop or pause running scans
  • Create and execute new scans and scan templates
  • View and filter reports

This app was released on Google Play store almost 2 years back by Tenable Network Security. Later Google removed the app from Play store. Now the official link has been removed. So you can try downloading links available on third party websites. But be careful and check the app first.

8. FaceNiff:

FaceNiff is another nice sniffing app and WiFi hacker app for Android devices. It requires a rooted Android device. It can sniff and intercept the web sessions over the Wi-Fi. This app is similar to DroidSheep, added earlier in the post. You can also say that it is similar to Firesheep for Android devices. Use of this app may be illegal in your area. So, use it wisely.


9. WebSecurify:

WebSecurify is a powerful web vulnerability scanner. It’s available for all popular desktops and mobile platforms. It has a powerful crawler to crawl websites and then attack it using pre-defined patterns. We have already covered it in detail in our previous article. You can read the older article for better understanding.


Download it here: https://code.google.com/p/websecurify/

10. Network Mapper:

Network Mapper is a fast scanner for network admins. It can easily scan your network and export the report as CVS to your Gmail. It lists all devices in your LAN along with details. Generally, the app is used to find Open ports of various servers like FTP servers, SSH servers, SMB servers etc. on your network. The tool works really fast and gives effective results.

Download Network Mapper for Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.prowl.networkmapper&hl=en

We hope you liked our article of the 10 best Wifi hacker app and Security apps. For more Information about securing your smartphone comment below.

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