Home Hack WiFI How to Hack Wifi network using NetCut Hack 2016: Tech Files

How to Hack Wifi network using NetCut Hack 2016: Tech Files

How to Hack Wifi network using NetCut Hack 2016: Tech Files
NetCut wifi

NetCut wifi Hack to Increase Internet Speed:

Hi friends, previously we discussed about various WiFi problems and steps to boost the Internet speed over a WiFi network. Today we are going to discuss a very interesting software that will help you to receive a large portion of bandwidth on a shared WiFi connection. This software is known as NetCut and is a very powerful wifi hacking tool. NetCut wifi software uses the ARP spoofing method to get into a shared network. I have myself used NetCut wifi hack multiple times, in cafe, school, college and in my Hostel. Hence, I can assure that this will work 100% with all system.


So if you are getting slow speed in a shared WiFI network, NetCut is just for you. In below tutorial we will discuss the advantages of NetCut and steps to use it. NetCut is comparatively very easy software and does not take time to get properly configured.


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How will NetCut wifi hack and ARP spoofing help me?


NetCut works on ARP spoofing technique.  ARP(Address Resolution Protocol) spoofing is a type of attack in which a BOT sends some false ARP messages over a shared network. Due to this, the MAC address of attackers are linked with the IP address of the user (in this case you are the user). This means that you can get the MAC address of all the devices connected to that network.

With NetCut wifi hack, you can simply cut the Internet connection of a device that is connected to that network, Hence, you can gain a significant amount of internet’s speed by disallowing another user from accessing internet. You can also resume the internet connection of that user if you want to.

The working of NetCut is clean. Just download the software from its official website(Download here) for free. Install the software in your Windows and then restart your PC. Now you have successfully installed NetCut in your system.

Steps to use NetCut wifi hack:


  1. Download NetCut wifi software and Install it (Official website of NetCut: http://www.arcai.com/download-free-100.html)
  2. Restart your PC and run NetCut wifi software by clicking on the NetCut icon
  3. NetCut will scan your network and then display the list of different users connected to that network.
    NetCut wifi
    NetCut wifi
  4. Select any user’s IP address and then click on “Cut OFF”
  5. The internet connection to that user will be disabled, hence letting you to use additional speed.
  6. You can also cut the internet of more than one user.
  7. To resume internet connection, just select the Ip address of that user(Whose internet was cut off) and click on “Resume”
    NetCut wifi
    NetCut wifi
  8. You are done. You can try this step anywhere, in schools, colleges etc. Note that users that already have NetCut wifi software are secured with Netcut, hence, you cannot disable their internet connection.


Hope that you have successfully understood the above process. It is quite easy to use NetCut in Windows. You can perform different hacks once you have got the MAC address. Hence, NetCut wifi hack can be used in many ways to hack a PC remotely.  To download more WiFi hacking software, head to the download section.

If you are having any problem in any step, then comment below. We will try to resolve it as soon as possible. You can also read our tutorial about detailed WiFi hack using Kali Linux. Thanks for reading and do share.