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Latest EverWing Hack 2017

Latest EverWing Hack 2017

EverWing is a popular Facebook game played by millions of users. It is a shooting multiplayer game in which a player controls Guardians and fight monsters. You can play EverWing in single player, multiplayer and Quest mode. This game can be played on the Desktop, mobile (iOS and Android) etc., without even downloading the game.  Today we will share a latest EverWing Hack to boost your game.

However, leveling up in EverWing requires a lot of coins and treasures. Hence, a lot of players are searching for EverWing hack and EverWing cheat tools. In this post, we will share the link through which you can earn unlimited EverWing coins, trophies and eggs. This is a legitimate EverWing hack and has been used by many players.


How to get EverWing hack


  1. Open your browser on Desktop and go to http://www.everwingcheats.com/
  2. Enter your Facebook username (through which game is connected) or email id.
  3. Now enter the amount of coins, treasures and eggs you need. Do not enter a huge amount at once.
  4. Wait for 5 minutes for EverWing hack to work. Your coins, treasures and eggs will be updated on EverWing account.
  5. Login to your Facebook account and open EverWing.
  6. Check whether the hack worked for you or not.

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Let us know if this hack worked for you or not.