How to save phone battery on your Android Device

How to save phone battery

How to save phone battery life on your Android Device?

This article will guide you through various tips about How to save phone battery life on your Smartphone. Whether it is Samsung or an iPhone, these tips will work on all smartphones. You can save around 30% of the battery life of your current mobile. My smartphone used to last only for 4-5 hours. Because of it, I bought a new smartphone by comparing its feature only. I bought a smartphone with increased battery life and performance. But it also failed after 6 months of use. I used to wonder where my battery’s power is going. Then I came to know some important tips that can surely save some battery life.

How to save phone battery life
How to save phone battery life


Where is the battery power going????

If this question comes to your mind more often than you are at right place!!! We owe a lot to our mobile phones for making our life easier and wonderful. But at the same time, it also gives us serious headaches. Low performance of the battery is the most common problem most of us usually face. So keeping that in mind we will go through its causes and precaution that we can take to increase our battery life.


How to save phone battery life on your Android Device


1: Whether you like it or not playing games excessively is one of the reasons which are making your battery weak. Blame it on candy crush or any other game but you have to keep a check on this.


2: Internet of things: we cannot imagine our life without the internet but up to a certain extent it is also responsible for battery degradation, so while travelling it is advisable to turn off mobile data.


3: Unused apps: There are some third party apps in your mobiles which eat up the battery of the phone as well as mobile data. So you need to check the battery usage by going to Settings and then tapping on the Battery options. This will give you a detailed breakup of where is the battery being consumed. We can also disable some apps which are not used frequently if above option is not present in the settings.


4: Disable services that are not required: Just check if the GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. are switched off when you are not using them. These services can take up a lot of battery and can seriously affect the battery life of your phone.

How to save phone battery life
How to save phone battery life


5: Brightness: It is a pleasure for our eyes to view the screen in full brightness but it can take a lot of share of the total battery consumption. So it is advisable to keep it at a level which is comfortable to your eyes. You can also set the screen off timer for better performance.

How to save phone battery life
How to save phone battery life

6: Lots of mobile phones come with the option of inbuilt battery saver. In the crisis, this is the best option available for extending battery life. Don’t fall into the trap of any 3rd party app for saving battery life. Every smartphone has an inbuilt battery saver that can really increase the battery performance. Hence use that instead of downloading any stupid app.


7: Manually Update apps: Auto Updating takes a lot of battery life and internet data. Hence it is always recommended to manually update your apps. This will save you a lot of battery life. You can change this option by going to Google Play settings on your Android device.


Hope you have figured out How to save phone battery. If you still can’t save your battery’s life then do comment below. Need more detaile the click here