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How to Bypass Surveys with 5 easy Methods 2016

How to Bypass Surveys with 5 easy Methods 2016

How to get past surveys:

The problem is same with ever web surfer, how to get past surveys. Every now and then we face these sites that redirect us to never-ending surveys. But believe or not, there are some easy methods that you can use to bypass surveys.

So why do websites use Surveys? The answer is simple- To make MONEY. Surveys are used by marketers to gather information about the user. To do so they pay money to websites. Many web developers use different tools to trick surveys into completion. The only method to get rid of them is to bypass surveys or skip them.

Below are some Methods discussing how to get past surveys easily.

1: How to get past surveys using Plugins and AddOn in Browser:


This method is quite easy and works on most of the websites. Just download some plugins in your chrome of Mozilla browser and you can easily bypass surveys. Some of the best available plugins are: ScriptSafe, NoScript addon, Redirect By-passer etc.

how to get past surveys
how to get past surveys

how to get past surveys in chrome, install ScriptSafe addon in your browser. Whenever you will come across a survey, a bar will appear on the bottom of your screen. Click on it to check various options related to survey. Some surveys can be easily blocked by this plugin. This plugin is also available for Mozilla users.

For Mozilla, install Redirect By-passer on your browser. This is a very powerful plugin available for Mozilla users.


2: Using online Websites:

There are many online websites available to skip surveys. You can also check them out and try them on your browsers. Some of them are  surveybypass.com. You can copy the link of a survey site to surveybypass.com. It will try to block the survey scripts on that website. This website is quite helpful and is free to use.

3: Using Survey Remover tool:

Many times when we try to download a file and a link appears to complete a survey. It is quit frustrating as the link appears every time and the survey is never completed. To resolve this there is a website that helps in opening the downloadble content on a survey website.

Surveymasher.com is a site used to unblock downloadable content from a survey website. You have to download a software from this website. You can place any survey site link on that downloaded software. It will unlock all the possible downloadable content of that website.


4: Disabling Java Scripts:

One trick is to disable javascript on your browser. Disabling javascript can help in preventing browsers from showing survey popups. You can easily disable javascript in chrome by going to settings >advance settings> Content. Check the box saying: Do not allow any site to use javascript.

how to get past surveys
how to get past surveys

In Mozilla, Go to settings> Content. Click on Disable Javascript option.

Note that disabling javascript may cause browser from not capturing downloads.

5: Editing Webpage using Chrome’s developer console:

Editing a web page to Bypass surveys can be quite helpful. This method is used by many users to access downloadable content without filling surveys or logging into websites. Only thing that you need is a Google Chrome Browser.

how to get past surveys
how to get past surveys

First of all open the survey site. Right click on free space and select inspect element. This will open a developers console. Click on console tab available of top left corner.

Copy and paste the below code on console and press enter:

urls = $$(‘a’); for (url in urls) console.log ( urls[url].href );

how to get past surveys
how to get past surveys

Entering it will present you with many different links. One of those links will have your downloadable file. You can ignore links ending with .css and .js.


Bonus Method for Bypassing Surveys:

This method might work in common survey sites. Open a website with the survey link. Now right click and select Inspect element. Move your pointer along different parts of the website. You can see the code changing on the right. Look for the word survey and overlay on that code. If you have found one of those words, right-click on it and select delete or disable node.

Deleting that node can bypass surveys on that website.


If you are still facing any problems in how to get past surveys, then comment below. Also, if you have another method about “How to Bypass Surveys” then share it below.