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Hack Windows 7: Begginers Guide

Hack Windows 7:  Begginers Guide


Hack Windows 7 Password without Software

There are 2 types of account on Win 7 by default. There is local account or Windows live or hotmail account. The former stores the login on PC, while the latter connects to the online hotmail or live email id. Here I would like to show you Windows 7 password reset with default Windows 7 administrator account. 

Tip 1: Hack Windows 7 Login Password with Default Windows 7 Administrator Account

First you need to boot Win 7 in safe mode as it is disabled in normal mode. When you are in safe mode, this default Windows admin account enabled to login Win 7 with a blank password. The you can remove the forgotten user account under users in control panel. Below is step by step guide for you:

1. Press on the F8 key while you start Windows 7 until your PC displays the boot menu.
2. Select Safe Mode option and press the Enter key
3. Then a login box appears, click on Administrator in the username box and leave the password field as blank, click on OK to login.
4. Now you can open Control Panel, then in User Accounts you can reset any user password easily.

Tip 2: Hack Password Windows 7 with Password Reset disk

It seems quite simple to hack Windows 7 password if you have Win 7 password reset disk. Assure that you have created it in advance. Otherwise, you change to hack Windows 7 password is over. Now you lost Windows 7 password, it is time for you to find it and use it. It is easy to reset Windows 7 password with it, what you need to do is follow the step by step wizard to create a new login password to the current user.

If the above Windows 7 password hacker methods don’t work at all for you, don’t worry. These windows 7 password hacker methods in the above list are helpful, but might be unsuitable for your case. In this condition, you can have a try Windows password reset tool designed for Win 7. 

Hack Forgotten Windows 7 Password with Software

One of the popular Windows 7 password hacker tool which is confirmed to replace your forgotten windows 7 password with blank so that you can login without entering any password, it is Windows Password Key.

Windows Password Key resets any Windows password, such as Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2012/2011/2008/2003/2000. It can hack domain passwords as well. No matter how complicated your Windows 7 password, Windows Password Key can reset it within 4 minutes. It’s easy to use, whether for beginners or advanced users. And it comes with ready-only and non-destructive designs to make sure it has no data loss on your computer. You can go to its official website to for more information: www.lostwindowspassword.com


After reading this article, you should have learned how to hack Windows 7 password when you forgot or lost the password.