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How to Play Google Spinner on Google Search results

How to Play Google Spinner on Google Search results

Google Spinner

Hey friends have you heard about fidget spinner, if No then we are here to tell you some  interesting about it. Google just launched a new game in its search results, it’s a Google Spinner. Let’s begin with the introduction :-

What is fidget spinner?

It is basically a toy, which helps the people to remove anxiety, stress, focus or fidget just like other products like CBD UK.

It has a bearing center. Fidget spinner  is a mechanism for physiological stress which works great combined with the cbd gummy effects. Spinner got popular in 2017 but already get discovered in 1993. Children are very fond of it that they bring them to their school  recent report tell us some school banned this toy due to the distraction to the studies of there school children. It comes in a variety of shapes and colors.


How does Fidget Spinner work?

The body of the spinner is made up of stainless steel, plastic, titanium and many more. Fidget spinner has a circular pad  consisting of bearing inside it. The person playing with the toy usually holds the circular pad with its thumb and middle finger while the toy rotates around it. The weight has been loaded at the edge of the toy ,so that it remains in balance condition.

How to play Google Spinner?

Spinner is available in near by your market ,but if you are unable to do so or away from your market. Google introduces virtual spinner and you just need an internet connection and follow simple steps:-

  1. Open your browser like internet explorer, google chrome.
  2. Just type following link :- www.google.com
  3. Type spinner in google search engine
  4. Virtual spinner will appear and play accordingly. It also provides  number spinner, if you are a number lover.

Google SPinner

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