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iPhone 6 battery life

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, which can possibly be Used iPhones, are one of the best devices in terms of performance and looks. The phone also has the best display and body. But when we compare it to battery life, it sucks. Many users around the world have complained about the iPhone 6 battery life and the issues that they are facing. They are probably irritated about the fact that their all in one smartphone cannot hold battery for half a day.

So in this post, we will discuss some tips to save iPhone 6 battery life. These tricks will prevent the draining issues faced by you and many other users. Below are some tricks to save iPhone 6 battery life from draining:


How to fix iPhone 6 battery life:


1: Restart the phone:

Let’s begin with restarting the phone. This is what we do when we face any issues with the smartphone. To Reboot your iPhone, just press and hold the Power and Home button of your iPhone 6 and hold them until you see the Apple logo. Wait for the restart and check whether the issue of iPhone 6 battery life has been fixed or not.


2: Turn off Automatic updates:

Turn off your automatic updates tp prevent some battery life of iPhone 6. These updates drain a lot of memory and power from iPhone. Hence, it is best to keep them turned off. To turn off automatic updates go to, Settings, iTunes and App store and then in Automatic Downloads go to updates and turn it off.


3: Turn off Location:

iPhone 6 battery life
fix iPhone 6 battery life

Location services are one of the main reason behind the battery drain. These services are directly linked with GPS and maps. Hence, they consume a lot of power from your iPhone. Therefore, turn it off by going to Settings, Privacy and then Location Services. Also, check for any app that uses these services such as maps or skype.


4:Background apps:

iPhone 6 battery life
fix iPhone 6 battery life

Background apps run on the background and constantly utilize power and memory of a phone. These apps also take a lot of network usage and can hamper the performance of iPhone. Hence, it is best to turn them off. You can go to iPhone Settings, then in General and just turn off the Background App Refresh. You can also turn them off individually.


5: Turn off the features like Bluetooth, wifi etc to save some power. These features can drain a lot of iPhone 6 battery life. Hence, they should be turned off unless you need them.


6: Level of Brightness:

Change the level of brightness according to your need. A high brightness setting can drain a lot of iPhone 6 battery life. It can also cause overheating in some cases. Also, ensure that your phone sleeps when you are not using it. Most of the time screen is turned on even if no one is using it. Speed up your auto-lock time to 1-2 minutes.

iPhone 6 battery life
fix iPhone 6 battery life

These tips might help you save a lot of iPhone 6 battery life. Hence, apply them ASAP before your battery starts draining. Subscribe to our blog for more such articles.

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