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Facebook Privacy feature that is especially for women living in India.

Facebook Privacy

facebook privacyAs the crime in India against women has reached its maximum level and one of the factors is social media. These cyber crimes normally occur on Facebook against women, like copying their profile picture and making new accounts of them. So Facebook added a new profile privacy feature  for women who want to keep their profile picture private. It gives more control over their profile pictures.

Facebook privacy
Credits: Facebook

Facebook has been working on this project for the last few years and now the time have come to implement it in India ,they are also planning to set up this in other countries too. As we know that India is the second largest country for Facebook having 160 million users, and this number are increasing day by day.

New Features of Facebook Privacy:-

  1. People will not able to download profile pictures, or even copy, share, are not available.
  2. Screenshots are not allowed. This feature is only available on Android devices currently.
  3. Those who are not friends on Facebook will no longer be able to tag anyone, including themselves.
  4. A border which is basically of blue color and a shield will be shown.

Women will use this function because they are more concerned related to their faces been uploaded as profile picture by Fake IDs. To protect them from those mischievous people who are trying to copy there profile picture and misuse it.

Facebook Privacy will be updated on the 27th of June and will be available at all parts of India. You can read more about this announcement on the Facebook news blog here.  

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