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How to earn quick money online: 4 Legit Ways: Tech Files

How to earn quick money online: 4 Legit Ways: Tech Files
How to earn quick money online

How to earn quick money online: You must have heard about many affiliates programmes and websites which uses people- skill to help them earn quick money. In this article, we will tell you more about the techniques which can help you to earn money while you are free or in home. These websites just use your basic skills just as social media skills, typing etc.Only thing that you have to do is to devote more time in internet .

How to earn quick money online: 4 Legit Ways


1: URL Shortener Networks:

How to earn quick money online
How to earn quick money online

URL shortening means to convert a large URL into small URL and adding some advertisements while it loads in a browser.

It is the easiest way of earning quick money. You just need to convert your URL (if you have a blog or website) and promote it wherever you want. A click on that URL will redirect the user to an Ad for 5 seconds. Hence for every click on that URL company will pay you some amount (that depends on the company).
Following are some URL shortening websites which will pay you:
  • Shorte.st: It is a well known URL shortening company. It will pay you $2 per 1000 views for promoting Shorten URL($8.20 for United States). If your are not satisfy with payout then you can earn money from referral system. It will gives you 20% commissions on referrals. Payment can be done through Paypal and Payoneer. Yo can also earn by placing their ads on your Website or Blog.
  • Adf.ly: It is the most common and trusted ad company. You can get approx  5$ per 1000 views by promoting your shorten URL
  • Adlock.org
  • Adfocus.us
  • Linkbucks.com
  • Bc.vc

2: iCubesWire (Affiliate network)

If you are good in Blogging or you have a Facebook page with lots of visitors and likes, then this is the best way for you to earn quick money. You just have to promote the offers given you by the company via your website/blog of through your Facebook page.iCubesWire give you this opportunity by providing you with affiliates networks. This network include products according to different categories like Shopping, Travel,  Social services, Banking and many more categories are available include many famous platform like Flipcart, Jabong, OLX, ICICI, SBI and many other with different promotional ways.

Just visit the site(icubeswire.com) and register for their affiliate network. After Logging in you have to choose the best networks for promotion on the basis of commission like CPA, CPL, CPC, CPI. CPA is for Cost per action, CPL for Cost per Lead, CPC for cost per click and CPI for Cost per install.

3: Amazon Associates Program

If you own a website with good user traffic, then this is the best way for you to earn money. Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce site with lots of products. You just have to find right customers by promoting their products on your websites.In simple words it is a commission based program where we work like a dealer between Amazon and the customers. If that person successfully buy product then amazon give us commission for our work.

  • First of all you need to sign up for new account at Amazon Affiliate.
  • After Sign up you can have add some personal information please don’t add anything wrong.
  • In Amazon affiliate account there are various features and method to search products and promote them.
  • In Amazon affiliate just create your tracking id from left sidebar and start searching promote which you feel that by which you can easily get sales.
how to earn quick money online
how to earn quick money online
  • You can promote amazon by getting direct link of product, link of the page, place banner on blog or website and various technique. Amazon having publisher studio where you can get small code to make your blogs normal amazon products link into affiliate.

4: Money from your Blog or Website

How to earn quick money online
How to earn quick money online

There are many users that are making millions of money by just running their website. If you have got regular visitors then this is the best way to make some profit from your website. There are many companies which can help you earn money by joining their programmes. Some of them are listed below:

  • Advertisement: It is a major source of income. There are many companies offering to place their advertisement on your sites. You just have to place a right type of ad suitable for your site( Like CPM or PPC). Companies like Google Adsense and Chitika are some of the popular sites with better payment options .You just have to register in their website and place their HTML code in your site(it can be as a banner).
  • Affiliates Earning: As discussed earlier, affiliate network pays you in exchange of customers. You have to give them as many as customers by promoting their offers in your websites or blogs. You can also promote it through your Facebook page.
  • Selling your products: You can also sell your product or services through your website. If you are good in creating a template or good with photoshop, then you can offer these services by adding some cost to it.


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