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Disable your USB port via Registry


With this trick, you can disable access to your
USB(Universal Serial Bus) ports in your
Windows based PC to prevent people from
taking out data from your personal computer
without permission or spreading viruses
through the use of USB(pen and flash) drives.

To use this trick to disable USB ports , follow
the steps given below:-
1. Click on Start.
2. Click on Run. If you cannot find RUN, type
it in the search box.
3. Type “regedit” without quotes. This will
launch the Registry Editor .
5. In the work area, double click on Start .
6. In the Value Data box, enter 4.
7. Click on OK .


8. Close Registry Editor and refresh your
9. To re-enable access to your USB ports,
enter 3 in the Value Data box in Step 6 .

Try it yourself to make your PC invulnerable
from data theft and malware which spread
through USB ports. This works on Windows
XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows
Note: This trick also disables access to your
USB connected peripheral devices. So, do not
use it if you have USB connected keyboard
and mouse.