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How to change Facebook username Again

How to change Facebook username Again
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How to change Facebook username Again

Facebook is the best social networking website with more than a Billion users. There may be a lot of usernames similar to yours. Hence the best way to get recognized on Facebook search is to create a unique Facebook username. But the only problem is that there is a limit to change Facebook username. With so many active users, Facebook have created many guidelines and rules to restrict users. One of them is that you can change your Facebook username only once.

But Facebook can still change your Username twice. The trick is to contact their customer care and fill up a form. Facebook has a very quick and responsive customer care that can resolve your problems within hours. Hence in this post, we will guide you to contact customer care to change Facebook username again.


How to change Facebook Username Once:

If you have not changed your Facebook username before, you can easily change it by following below steps. Same apply for Facebook Pages and Groups.

You can only change the username for your personal profile once. To change your username:

  1. Click in the top right of Facebook and select Settings.
  2. Click Name.
  3. Enter your name and click Review Change.
  4. Enter your password and click Save Changes.
How to change Facebook username
How to change Facebook username

Your Facebook username will be changed now. Just remember that you can change Facebook username only once. So choose carefully before changing it. But if you are still not satisfied with your Facebook name, then you can request Facebook to change it again. Follow the below steps to do so.


How to Change Facebook Username again:

Choose your Facebook name carefully before following these steps. Remember that you will need a scanned copy or image of Identity proof. Your name should be the same as in your identity card. Identity card may be Government issued or autility bill, library card etc. But your name must be in that ID card.

  • Request Facebook to change Facebook username by filling the form below:
  • Open the above link. Make sure that you have login from your Facebook ID.
  • Fill up the form and enter the information accurately.
  • Select the reason to change your Facebook username.
  • Now upload you scanned identity documents, or image of it.
  • Click on send button. It will take a week to approve it.
How to change Facebook username
How to change Facebook username

You will get a response from Facebook team regarding changing of username.