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5 Android Hacking Software that cannot be missed


Hello friends, In this post we will discuss some of the best Android Hacking Software to power your smartphone. Our list consists of top 5 Android Hacking Software that can convert a smartphone into an Android hacking tool. These apps can be downloaded from Google play or from external sites. But don’t worry, we will provide you with the download links of these Android hacking Software.

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Note that for these tools to work, your Android device must be rooted. Some of them can also work with un-rooted smartphones but it’s better to root your smartphone. So let’s begin with our list of Best 5 Android Hacking Apps. These are one of the most downloaded hacking tools for android.



5 Android Hacking Software that cannot be missed:


1: WiFi Killer

Android Hacking Software
Android Hacking Software

If you have used NetCut, then you can easily use WiFi Killer app in your smartphone. This App is used to divert all the WiFi speed into your smartphone. If you are connected in a public wifi hotspot, then you can easily divert the speed of wifi to your smartphone. As in NetCut, this app cuts the internet services of other WiFi connected users. This tool is easy to use and can do wonders in a public wifi hotspot network. Hence, this app comes first in the list of Android Hacking Software. But make sure that your Android device is rooted before accessing this app.

Download Link: WiFi Killer

2: Shark for Root:

Android Hacking Software
Android Hacking Software

This app is also the mobile version of a very popular wifi hacking software called Wireshark. Wireshark is used as a sniffing software. It collects network packets of any public wifi user and generated username and passwords. This hacking app works as same as Wireshark. Shark for root is an android hacking used to sniff username and passwords of another user connected to same wifi network. You can collect packets through your mobile device. Later on, you can transfer them to your PC and convert them to username or passwords.

Download Link: Shark for root 

3: Fing:

Android Hacking Software
Android Hacking Software

Third in our list of best 5 Android hacking Software is Fing network tool. This hacking tool is used to display all type of information about a wifi device. For example, you can get the MAC address, IP address, vendor name etc of a Wifi network. This tool is also used to display the hidden WiFi networks available in your locality.

Download Link: Fing Network Tool

4: Zanti Penetration testing:

Android Hacking Software
Android Hacking Software

You must have heard about Penetration testing. This app is also a kind of penetration testing tool used by Android users. This app comes with advanced options of penetration testing. There are many options available within this app. Zanti penetration testing is used to hack another android device via a network. If you are really into hacking then you must try this app first.

Download Link: Zanti android app

5: Backtrack for Android:

Android Hacking Software
Android Hacking Software

Unarguably, the best android hacking Software available today. One of the most common words within hackers, Backtrack is now available for android device. backtrack is a hacking suite used by professional hackers in Windows and Linux operating system. This suite is now converted into an app with most of the hacking functions within it. Backtrack is a tool for penetration testers and is used to find vulnerability within another device. Now you can use this device with you Android smartphone.

Download Link: Backtrack for android

This finishes our list of the 5 best Android Hacking Software available in 2016. If you want to add any other app in this section then comment below. Also, let us know about your reviews about these apps.

NOTE: Always use these Android hacking Software for education. Never use these tools for a harmful purpose.