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8 Amazing Android Apps that lets you Download stuffs for Free

8 Amazing Android Apps that lets you Download stuffs for Free
amazing android apps

8 Amazing Android Apps that lets you Download stuffs for Free: Today we will give you a list of apps that might make up your day. These apps are quite useful and amazing, and also might blow your mind. So let’s begin with our list of 8 Amazing android apps that you never knew about.

We are fed up with all those subscriptions based apps that take advantage of their users.You might have paid for music, or for removing annoying ads. But now you can get all those paid stuffs for free.

8 Amazing Android Apps that lets you Download stuffs for Free:

1: Free Downloading Apps:


1: Fildo (Not available in Play Store):

Amazing android apps
Amazing android apps

Fildo is an app that lets you download free music on your Android phone. You can get any music of high quality for free. Just search for “Fildo” on Google and download this amazing app. Or click on the link below:


Fildo lets you to download or stream free music. You can find any music of your choice.

RequirementsAndroid 4.0 or higher required.

2: Showbox:

Amazing android apps
Amazing android apps

Showbox is an amazing app that lets you watch movies for free. You can watch any HQ movie or a TV show. Also, a cool feature of this app is that you can access this website, even if your IP is being blocked by your ISP.

Showbox is an online streaming video app. It is completely free and works on ANdroid, iOS and Windows system. To download this app, click on the link below:


3: MobDro:

MobDro is an app that lets you watch TV for free. You can access any TV channel from this app. Also, you don’t need to subscribe for any channels. All the stuff available in this app is for free.

You can also watch Live TV through this app. Install it and download it from the link below:



4: Lucky Patcher:

Lucky Patcher is an app that can remove ads, modify apps permissions, backup and restore apps, bypass premium application license verification, and more. This is an very good productivity app and works on almost every app.

Note: Don’t try this app on games or subscription services that requires regular Internet connection.

Download Lucky Patcher from the link below:


NOTE: All the above apps are not available on Google Play for a reason. These apps might not be legal in your place, hence it might be illegal to download them. Hence use them for education purpose.


2: Amazing Productivity Apps:

1: Dolby Atmos:

This app Lets you change your audio quality to Dolby digital. You can enjoy the joy of 3d Surround sound on your Android Phone. Dolby Atmos is not available on Play store, hence you will have to download it from 3rd party. Below is a download link for Dolby Atmos:


You also need a Rooted phone to run this app. Also read all the installation notes before adding it on your phone.


2: Greenify:

This app lets you to monitor your battery performance. Greenify will show you all the apps and processes that are taking a lot of memory and draining your battery. You can select them and stop those processes.

Also, you can stop the activity of heavy apps that usually run on background. Its quite an good app for your low battery smartphone.

Greenify is available on Android Play Store.


3: OGInsta+:

OGInsta lets you download images on your smartphone. There are many websites that don’t let you download images. Hence, OGInsta is an easy solution for you. It can even download images/videos from Instagram.

This app is not available on Play Store. Download OGInsta from the link below:


4: VAR’s VR Video Player:

VR stands for Virtual Reality. VR Video player converts any video file into 3-D video or VR format. Just download this app and search for your favorite video.

This app is available on Google Play Store.


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