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5 Useful RUN Commands in Windows

5 Useful RUN Commands in Windows

Run commands give easy access to hidden features of windows. Hence you can personalize or improve your PC’s performance if you know some of the basic commands. Below is a list of 5 commands that can be executed through RUN command and are very useful in configuring your PC

Run can be opened by hitting Windows+r button


Chkdsk is short-cut for check disk and is useful for checking Logical device errors and system error in hard disk. You can run this command if you think that your hard disk is very slow or your system is taking a long time while booting/starting



just type chkdsk in run command and enter the drive name, ex: chkdsk D: for running this command for D drive

2: compmgmt.msc

This command shows a windows with advanced computer management tools. This command is useful for monitoring the computer status and for creating additional drives.


3: dxdiag

DxDiag (Directx diagnosis) check the computers for directx function and for hardware and software acceleration. This tool also helps to monitor the audio and video devices installed in your system.


4: dfrgui

dfrgui(disk de-fragmentation) is a tool to defrag your hard disk and logical devices in your computer. De-fragmentation helps to increase the speed of hard disk, reduce the time taken for read and write files and to reduce the booting time of your system


5: gpedit.msc

This define the group policy of your system and to manage User accounts of local and remote user accounts.It also manages operating systems, applications, and users’ settings in an Active Directory environment.