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20000 MaH power banks in India

20000 MaH power banks in India

20000 MaH power banks in India

If you are looking for a powerful and cost effective power bank, then you are at the right place. Here we have listed 10 such 20000 MaH power banks in India that are highly reviewed and are under budget. Such power banks are best used while travelling with friends or going into a remote area. Many of them are available with festival offers, so you can save some money for your next accessory.

Below is our list of 20000 MaH power banks in India. These products are listed by comparing their features and average user reviews. We have used most of these power banks, hence you can trust our review of these products.

10 best 20000 MaH power banks in India


1: Intex IT-PB20K:

20000 MaH power banks in India

Intex is known for manufacturing high quality and trusted products. With Intex IT-PB20K, you will get a 20000mAH battery specially designed for mobile phones. It also comes with 2 USB ports, portable design and is compatible with all Mobile Phones, MP3 / MP4 Player, Portable Speaker, Bluetooth Headset etc. The Intex power bank also protects against overcharge, over discharging, over Current and short-circuit.


2: Syska Power Pro 200:

Syska is a well known electronics brand which specializes in power protection and security equipments. Syska power pro comes with a 20000 mAH polymer battery, 2 USB ports, over-charge protection, automatic hibernation and everything else available in any power banks. It has a warranty of 6 months and is available for Rs 2,318 only (23% off).


3: Coolnut CMPBSUN-27:

Coolnut CMPBSUN is one of the top rated and most purchased 20000 MaH power banks in India. It has features like 3 USB ports, silicon rubber coating shell case, intelligent charging mechanism and a warranty of 1 year. This power bank is known for its high speed charging and protection from overcharge and short circuit. Buy Coolnut 20000 mAH battery for Rs 2199 with 37% off on MRP.


4: Lapguard LG803 20800mAH:

Lapguard is a popular power bank brand and has various low priced and budget power banks. Lapguard LG803 will give you a powerful battery of 20800 mAH and protection from any external factors. It is one of the cheapest 20000 MaH power banks in India available online. Priced at Rs 1599, this item is available with 60 % off on MRP.

5: 8BK 1011 20000 mAh:

8BK is a well known trusted manufacturer of cheap and efficient power banks. Its 20000 mAH power bank offers a super fast charging battery, 3 USB ports, digital display and a 1 year manufacturer warranty. You might find it too heavy, but overall the product is quite good. 8BK power bank is available for Rs 1,499 only (70% off).


6: MOERDON 20000mAh:

MOERDON is a product from Coolnut that offers high quality power banks. With a capacity of 20000mAH, it will also offer you dual charging, LED lights, slim look and all other features. This power bank is compatible with every gadgets and mobiles. You can buy MOERDON for Rs 1,499 only.


7: Ambrane Power Bank P-2000:

Ambrane is the most reviewed power bank on online stores. This company makes a lot of cheap power banks, starting from Rs 700. With Ambrane P-2000, you will get 20800mH battery, inbuilt Samsung cells, LED indicator, portable charger and many other features. You will also get a 1 year warranty. This power bank is available for Rs 1699 only (56% off).

8: Pebble PB66 20000mAH:

Pebble PB66 comes with a 20000mAH Lithium battery, dual charger, short circuit protection, quick charge and 6 months warranty. It also features an attractive design and is compatible with every gadget and mobile phone. It might be a new brand, but is highly recommended for its quick charge feature.


9: Portronics POR-695:

Portonics is a well known brand which manufactures computer accessories and gadgets. Its power bank is known for high quality and strong build. Portonics POR-695 offers a 20000 mAH Lithium Ion battery, quick charge technology, dual charging and multiple protection mechanism. It is available for Rs 1999 with 50 % off.


10: Rock ITP109 20000mAH:

20000 MaH power banks in India

Rock ITP 109 is the only power bank that offers USB 3.0 support. That means that it will charge more rapidly and quickly than any other power banks. It also comes with a 20000 battery, dual charger and 6 months warranty. Rock ITP 109 is available for Rs 1499 (57% off).

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