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10 sites to earn Bitcoins for free

10 sites to earn Bitcoins for free
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Hi friends, Below is a list of 10 sites through which you can earn free Bitcoins. Bitcoins are digital currency are are not printed. Hence, they are not recognised by any central bank. But they can be converted to dollars. At present, 1 bitcoin= 437.75 US Dollar.


Dailybitcoins.org – 

Bitcoins4.me –

Cointicket.org – 

Bithits.info – 

Bitcoiner.net – 

Bitcrate.net – 

Freedigitalmoney.com – 

Bitvisitor.com –

Bitcoin4you.net –

earnfreebitcoins.com – 

Coinworker.com – 

Bitcoinsurvey.com –

Bitcoinget.com – 







You can also earn free bitcoins by playing free games on Google app store. Some of them are: Bitcoin Aliens, FlapPig, Bitcoin Billionaire, Bitcoin Fighter etc.

To create your Bitcoin Wallet here are some apps: Xapo, Circle, Blockchain etc. You can withdraw or add bitcoins in these wallets.

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  1. Pay It Forward With Bitcoin
    This is a Bitcoin Chain Mail that work on trust only, there is no gimmick, no guarantees of Unlimited riches. The more people you send it to the greater the chance to make some extra Bitcoins. These days we all can do with some extra money.

    How it Works
    Below is 5 Bitcoin Wallet Adresses, send .002Btc to each to pay it forward and help your fellow human to get some extra money.
    Delete the 1st wallet adress en move 2 to1, 3 to 2,4 to 3,5 to 4 and then enter you wallet adress in the number 5 line
    Send to as many people as you can to better your chance of getting some extra money,everytime someone enters there wallet adress yours will go up the line until you fall of the list
    Hopefully by then you would have made some well needed money
    Again this works on trust, so please do send each and every adress on the list there .002 Btc, before you start sending out.
    The Best of Luck to You

    Bitcoin Adress List

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