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10 Features of Android O: The new Android OS

10 Features of Android O: The new Android OS
Features of Android O

Features of Android O: Google just released the developer preview of its new big update: The Android O. The developer preview is available for free to download from Google’s official website. It is expected that Android O will hit the smartphones in Mid- 2017.

There are plenty of cool features in Android O. Also, it will be more performance oriented with high emphasis on User -friendly design. Below is a list of 10 best features of Android O.

Features of Android O:

1: Notifications:

Features of Android O
Features of Android O

You have to admit that some notifications are really annoying. Also, sometimes they might cover the whole screen. Well, this is a major issue that has been adjusted in Android O. Now you can personalize your notification area by categorizing them as per your preference. You can add a time limit to your notifications and choose when to show them. Also, you can personalize notifications based on type (on an app), rather than the whole bunch. Notifications can now be organized on the basis of their category.

2: Icons:

This is something new that might change the whole UI of Android. Now, icons can be seen with visual effects. Also, you can adjust the size and shape of icons according to the screen of your smartphone. This means that the icons will now adapt the size of your mobile screen.

3: Picture-in-Picture mode:

Features of Android O
PIP Display: Android TV Features of Android O

Now you can run videos in Background while navigating through other apps. This video will be available on corner screen, while you browse through other apps. This feature was already available on Android TV and was pretty cool. Bringing it in Smartphones might create a risk of heavy RAM usage, which might drain down your battery.

4: Improved Connectivity:

Improved connectivity by enhancing Bluetooth support for high quality audio. Also, Android O has added a new feature for Wifi called WiFi Aware. This lets devices connect each other via WiFi without having any actual cellular connection or WiFi access point.

5: AutoFill:

Android O has introduced new Autofill Framework to make filling Forms easy. This framework lets user to store their user ID’s, passwords and credit card details. It is then linked to Google apps to ease the process of Login or Signup.

6: Shortcuts:

Features of Android O
Features of Android O: Shortcut

Now you can add a shortcut of your favorite app or services in home screen. You can add shortcut of a specific task of an app. For example, you can add shortcut of Icongito mode of chrome in the launcher. This shortcut will then directly open the Icongito mode within chrome.

7: Accessibility:

There are many cool features added to make Android more accessible to users. Some of them are Language detections, fingerprint gesture,  hint text etc.

8: Multi Display support:

This feature allows Android users to add multiple displays within their device. This lets users to move an app activity from one screen to another (if they have a multi display device).

9: Reducing Backgroung Tasks:

Now Android can determine the tasks that are taking heavy memory from your device. It will then reduce the usage of that task, saving a lot of battery time.

10: Smart Sharing:

This is another cool feature in which ANdroid can suggest an app for your content. It will first learn about users sharing preferences and  then suggest them apps for sharing new content. For example, if you take a selfie, Android will suggest you social media apps to share it.

Other Bonus Features of Android O:

  • Copy: This feature will help users to copy less of their content. Now, your smartphone can suggest you pasting a text based on your previous app usage. For example, if you want to share a content in Whatsapp groups, you don’t need to copy it. Android will itself suggest the data that you might share with others.
  • Cached Data: Each app is now given a disk size quota limit.
  • Calls: You can decide which calls to pick or reject. Then the smartphone will program itself for future calls to reject or receive.


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