Simple trick to change your Whatsapp Font

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Now you can make your Whatsapp messages look different. There is a way that can change your Whatsapp font. Not everyone knows about this function. Hence, you might be the only one among your friends using this feature.

Whatsapp added a new feature called FixedSys. This feature comes with every Whatsapp account. You will have to update your Whatsapp to add this feature.

To activate this feature, just add three “` before and after your message.

For example, a message saying “`How are you?“` will be converted into a new font.

Whatsapp font
Whatsapp font


Whatsapp also also added a feature to write in bold and italics . This feature was added a while ago.

To convert your Whatsapp font to bold add asterisks either sides of the word. To add italic font, add underscore.

For example:f Hi, *how* are _you_


Whatsapp font
Whatsapp font

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