Top 5 Gallery Apps For Android that cannot be missed


Best Gallery Apps For Android: 2016


One of the Primary Function of Every Smartphone is to capture your photos and videos. However, as the number of photos increases in your mobile, so increases the complexity of searching your favorite ones. However, Android offers a lot more to you than your stock Gallery apps. You just need to head out to Google PlayStore. This list of Apps would ease your life as you would find some of the best handpicked Gallery Apps for your Android Phones.


1 . QuickPic Gallery: As the first line of its description says, “FAST, LIGHTWEIGHT AND MODERN”, it is really one of the best Gallery apps you would ever find on Google PlayStore.

Gallery Apps
Gallery Apps

Key Features includes:

  1. Cloud Storage and Photo Customization.
  2. File Size: 3 MB.
  3. Play GIFS and Videos
  4. Group your Photos by Time and Location.






2. Cam Store:  It is a relatively new app but has some of the solid features like real time Photo Organizer. According to its description, you can create a folder and snap a pic and your pic would be saved under that folder only. It is the best feature in Gallery, i could think of.

Gallery Apps
Gallery Apps

Key Features includes:

  1. Strong Password Protection and File Management.
  2. File Size: Surprisingly, 0.8 MB.
  3. Ability to make Nested Folders.
  4. Easy Sharing of your Photos.






3. Focus:   It is an incredible new kind of Gallery app tuned for speed, efficiency and ease of use. It employs Tagging feature through which you can easily organize your photos and Videos.

Gallery Apps Focus
Gallery Apps

Key Features includes:

  1. Material Design Interface.
  2. File Size: 12 MB.
  3. Photo Tagging.
  4. Dark Theme.





4. F Stop:  F-Stop is an alternative image gallery app that provides you with professional tools and a clean, material-inspired UI to minimize effort and maximize organization.

Gallery Apps F stop
Gallery Apps

Key Features includes:

  1. Material Design and Metadata.
  2. File Size: 6.5 MB.
  3. Integrated Google Map Experience.
  4. Tagging Feature.






5. Piktures: This Gallery App comes with a wonderful interface. It is a gesture based Gallery App to manage your albums and supports unique views like Calendar View and Location View.

Gallery Apps Piktures
Gallery Apps

Key Features includes:

  1. Photo Management.
  2. File Size: 11 MB.
  3. Gif and Video Player.
  4. Pin Protected Secure Drive.






NOTE: Click on The App Name to Download Them.

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