How to Root Smartphone


Rooting has become common for mobile users who have low memory in their smartphone. Here’s a guide which tells about rooting and how to root smartphone

Rooting an Android device is the process of gaining privileged or full control of the sub-system or operating system. This gives the users root access and hence why it is known as ‘rooting’. It’s a bit like having a VIP pass at a gig, you can go anywhere you like.

Rooting an Android smartphone or tablet is effectively the same as ‘jailbreaking’ an iPhone.

How to root Smartphone: Why root a smartphone or tablet?

Even though Android is technically an open operating system, there are still limitations set by the manufacturer or even your network operator if the device isn’t unlocked. This means there are some benefits to rooting your smartphone or tablet.

You might want to improve performance tweak settings, replace system applications or remove apps which have been forced upon you. There’s also the face you’ll be able install apps which you otherwise wouldn’t be able to. We said it’s like jailbreaking but it is different. Be aware that if you want to install an app from an unknown source, you can simply tick a box that allows you to in the settings menu – you don’t have to root your device.

Rooting also means you can replace the operating system, either with a newer version like Android 4.4 KitKat, a stock Nexus-type version (without user interfaces like Samsung’s TouchWiz or HTC’s Sense), or a customised version like CyanogenMod.

Here you’ll find links to tutorials for the devices that are hot right now. Don’t worry if yours isn’t here, we’ve got a big list of archives further down the page.


Galaxy S5

Sony Xperia Z2

  • Not rooted yet, stay tuned!

HTC One M8

Galaxy Note 3

Galaxy S4



Current devices

Here you’ll find the tried and true Android favorites that are still current and popular, but not the newest models. If you’re shopping for a phone just to root, these are the models you’ll want to look at, while developers and hackers work on the latest hot devices to open their secrets.


Samsung phones

HTC phones

Motorola phones

LG phones

Sony phones

Android tablets

Legacy devices

Androids that work too well to just ignore. Some of our favorite devices are in this section, and rooting helps give them life a little longer than the manufacturer provides.

If your device isn’t listed here, we suggest you visit the Android Central forums and ask some of the root-savvy users you’ll find there. This is your best bet at finding root for devices that are no longer as popular, but still very serviceable.


Samsung phones

HTC phones

Motorola phones

Sony phones


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