5 Tools for Hacking wireless networks that can Actually Hack

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5 Best tools for hacking wireless networks

Hi, Friends. In this article, we will discuss some of the best tools for hacking wireless networks available for free. These tools are tested and regularly updated via the Internet. Hence, these are the Softwares that can actually hack a WiFi device. These Softwares are available for free of cost. You can find many tutorials of these tools for hacking wireless networks over the internet or on our website. Below is the list of Best 5 tools for hacking wireless networks. Also, you can download free wifi hacking tool by clicking on the Download button.  To download free WiFi hacking tools, head to the download section.


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5 Tools for Hacking wireless networks

1: Kali Linux(Reaver):

hacking wireless networksReaver is one of the best and effective tool for hacking wireless networks available. To use reaver, you have to install Kali Linux on your system. Kali Linux is an Operating system and Reaver is a plugin of Kali Linux. Kali Linux can be downloaded free from its website. To use Reaver, you must have properly configured network adapters. Below are some links about how to install Kali Linux and use Reaver. We have also provided the download link for Kali Linux.


Wifi hacking Tools

2: Aircrack-ng:

hacking wireless networks
hacking wireless networks

Aircrack-ng is one of the most used packet sniffer tool used as a WiFi hacking tools. It is free to use and has some cool inbuilt functions. Aircrack-ng includes packet sniffer, wireless network detector, WEP and WPA/WPA2-PSK cracker etc. It has four functions, Monitoring, Attacking, testing, and Cracking.




Wifi hacking Tools


3: Cain and Abel:

hacking wireless networks
hacking wireless networks

Cain and Abel is undoubtedly one of the most popular tool available. It is been used by many hackers across the planet. There are many functions in Cain and Abel. If someone can master them all, then he can crack any system easily. Cain and Abel include Password cracking through dictionary and brute-force attack, Packet capturing, phishing, Wifi hacking, Hash generators etc. Below are some tutorials of Cain and Abel:



Wifi hacking Tools


4: NetCut:

hacking wireless networks
hacking wireless networks

Netcut is one of the easiest of all tools of hacking wireless networks. Netcut is used to disconnect the network of a remote PC. It is very easy to use and configure Netcut. Below is our guide about how to hack using Netcut:



Wifi hacking Tools


5: Wireshark:

hacking wireless networks
hacking wireless networks

Wireshark is a network analyzer tool. It helps to capture data packets over a WiFi network and then analyze that packets. Wireshark is used as a phishing tool. With the proper knowledge of Wireshark, one can easily capture internet usernames and passwords of a user connected to a Wireless network. Below is a tutorial about ho to use Wireshark:



Wifi hacking Tools


So above was our list of best tools for hacking wireless networks used by hackers. If you have any other wifi password hacking tool to add then do comment below. Also, share this post in your social networks.

Note: Do not use these wifi hacking Softwares for any harmful purpose. These tutorials are for educational purpose only.


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