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Download APK Files from Google Play directly to your PC

Download APK Files from Google Play directly to your PC

You must have thought of installing android apps directly through SD card without downloading it from Google play. There are many times when you have to download a single app multiple times through Google play. It may be sometimes annoying to repeat a download many times. 

In this article we will share with you different tricks to download APK files from google play. You can download these APK files to your system or mobile. OR can save it to your SD Card. These files are easily transferred to any other smartphones via Bluetooth. And will work perfectly regardless of the downloaded path.

Before installing these apk files, just check whether you have enabled Third party apps in your settings. Only after enabling this settings, you can install the downloaded APK’s.

Steps to Download APK Files.

The easiest way for users to download an APK package file from the Google Play Store is using an extension of Chrome called APK extension downloader 1.4.3. You can download the extension by right clicking and saving the extension as something . Since Google has blocked it from being installed directly to Chrome. You can download only free apps. So don’t expect any paid apps to be download using this method.

Or you can use below given website to Download APK Files. Just copy the apk url to the website.


There are many other such websites that offers to Download APK Files. Just google it and you will find plenty of them. 

We hope that you have understood the method to Download APK Files. If you are still facing any problem, then you can comment below. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter.

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