How to Crack WiFi Password: Detailed Guide

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Detailed Guide to Crack WIFI Password :

Wi-Fi cracking is a very easy process, easier if it is secured with WEP encryption. In the below tutorial we will tell you how to Crack WiFi Password encrypted with WEP and WAP encryption. Note that this is a detailed guide to hacking. Hence, you need to have a basic knowledge of WiFi networks and their working.

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Crack WiFi Password,WEP Password with BackTrack


You’ll need a wireless adapter that’s capable of packet injection, and chances are the one in your computer is not. You can get an adapter from Amazon at $12-$15.


You’ll also need a Backtrack live cd. Back Track can be installed to a regular boot cd, a USB drive, installed to the hard drive, or even downloaded as a VMware virtual machine.  Download yourself a copy of the CD and burn it, or load it up in VMware to get started.(you can check out about its configuration from Google)

To crack WEP, you’ll need to launch Konsole, BackTrack’s built-in command line. It’s right there on the taskbar in the lower left corner, second button to the right. Now, the commands.

ifconfig wlan0 up

where wlan0 is the name of the wireless card, it can be different. To see all wireless cards connected to your system simply type in ” iwconfig “.

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Putting your WiFi Adapter on Monitor Mode

To begin, you’ll need to first put your wireless adapter into monitor mode, Monitor mode is the mode whereby your card can listen to every packet in the air, you can put your card into monitor mode by typing in the following commands 

airmon-ng start (your interface)

Crack WiFi Password
Crack WiFi Password

Now a new interface mon0 will be created , You can see the new interface is in monitor mode by entering “iwconfig mon0” as shown 

Crack WiFi Password
Crack WiFi Password

Finding a suitable Target

After putting your card into monitor mode ,we need to find a network that is protected by WEP. You can discover the surrounding networks by entering the following command

airodump-ng mon0

Crack WiFi Password
Crack WiFi Password

Bssid shows the mac address of the AP, CH shows the channel in which AP is broadcasted and Essid shows the name broadcasted by the AP, Cipher shows the encryption type ,

Now look out for a wep protected network In my case i’ll take “linksys “ as my target for rest of the tutorial

Attacking The Target

Now to crack the WEP key you’ll have to capture the targets data into a file, To do this we use airodump tool again, but with some additional switches to target a specific AP and channel. Most importantly, you should restrict monitoring to a single channel to speed up data collection, otherwise the wireless card has to alternate between all channels .You can restrict the capture by giving in the following commands

airodump-ng mon0 –bssid -c (channel ) -w (file name to save )

Crack WiFi Password
Crack WiFi Password

As my target is broadcasted in channel 6 and has a bssid “98:fc:11:c9:14:22” , I give in the following commands and save the captured data as “RHAWEP”

airodump-ng mon0 –bssid 98:fc:11:c9:14:22 -c 6 -w RHAWEP

Using Aireplay to Speed up the cracking

Now you’ll have to capture at least 20,000 data packets to crack WEP .This can be done in two ways, The first one would be a (passive attack ) wait for a client to connect to the AP and then start capturing the data packets but this method is very slow, it can take days or even weeks to capture that many data packets

The second method would be an (active attack )this method is fast and only takes minutes to generate and inject that many packets .

In an active attack you’ll have do a Fake authentication (connect) with the AP ,then you’ll have to generate and inject packets. This can be done very easily by entering the following commands 

aireplay-ng – 1 3 -a (bssid of the target ) (interface) 

Crack WiFi Password
Crack WiFi Password

In my case i enter the following commands 

aireplay-ng -1 3 -a 98:fc:11:c9:14:22 mon0 

After doing a fake authentication ,now its time to generate and inject Arp packets . To this you’ll have to open a new Konsole simultaneously and type in the following commands

aireplay-ng 3 -b (bssid of target) -h ( Mac address of mon0) (interface)

Crack WiFi Password
Crack WiFi Password

In my case i enter
aireplay-ng 3 -b 98:fc:11:c9:14:22 -h 00:c0:ca:50:f8:32 mon0

If this step was successful you’ll see Lot of data packets in the airodump capture as shown

Crack WiFi Password
Crack WiFi Password

Wait till it reaches 20000 packets , best would be to wait till it reaches around 80,000 to 90,000 packets .Its simple more the packets less the time to crack .Once you’ve captured enough number of packets, close all the process’s by clicking the into mark which is there on the terminal

Cracking WEP key using Aircrack

Now its time crack the WEP key from the captured data, Enter the following commands in a new konsole to crack the WEP key

aircrack-ng (name of the file )

In my case i enter 
aircrack-ng RHAWEP-0.1-cap

With in a few minutes Aircrak will crack the WEP key as shown

Crack WiFi Password
Crack WiFi Password

Once the crack is successful you will be left with the KEY! Remove the colons from the output and you’ll have your WEP Key.

Hope You Enjoyed this tutorial ,For further Doubts and clarifications please comment below.

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