A List of 10 best Zip File Extractor for Android of 2017

10 best Zip File Extractor for Android

A List of 10 best Zip File Extractor for Android: Zip file extractor is used to extract files from Zipped/compressed folder. You might have come across many zipped folders in Android file manager. Since Smartphone can perform many functions such as File editing, multimedia, etc., hence having a Zip extractor is a must.

A Compressed folder, usually contains files that have been stored to take less memory. You can also compress a file using these extractors. A zip/compressed file is most common in Emails, since there is a memory limit of sending attachments via email. Hence, you must have a zip File extractor for Android devices.

Below is a list of A List of 10 best Zip File Extractor for Android.

10 best Zip File Extractor for Android:



10 best Zip File Extractor for Android

We will start our list by the most common file extractor called RAR. It is by far one of the easiest and the most productive app you will find in Play store. Below are some of the major features of RAR:

  • You can extract, compress and use it as a File Explorer.
  • Easiest and quick compression Android App.
  • Secure your ZIP files by placing a Password.
  • RAR can create RAR and ZIP and unpack RAR, ZIP, TAR, GZ, BZ2, XZ, 7z, ISO, ARJ archives

Below is a link to download RAR from Google Play Store:


2: WinZip:

10 best Zip File Extractor for Android
10 best Zip File Extractor for Android

One of the most popular Windows software, WinZip is now available on Play store. With WinZip, you can easily create, extract and share your files in Android device. According to WinZip creators, it is secured with banking level security. Below are some more features of WinZIp:
● Easily Create Zip and Zipx files
● Unzip Zip, Zipx, 7z, RAR, and CBZ files
● Email Zip and Zipx files
● View Zip files that include supported image, text, and Web files directly in the WinZip app
● Open other popular file formats with third-party app integration
● Open encrypted Zip and 7z files (including AES 128- and 256-bit) to review sensitive material safely while on the go

Download it from the link below:


3: Easy Unrar, Unzip & Zip:

10 best Zip File Extractor for Android
10 best Zip File Extractor for Android

As name suggests, Easy Unrar, Unzip & Zip is by far the easiest app to use. Easy Unrar, Unzip & Zip also comes with an integrated file manager. It can even extract and compress a whole movie within minutes. Below is the extraction time for some devices:

  • Asus Memo Pad FHD 10 (Intel Atom 1.6GHz): 1 minute 14 seconds
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (ARM Cortex A9 1.0GHz) : 2 minutes 8 seconds
  •  Samsung Galaxy S I (ARM Cortex-A8 1.0GHz) : 3 minutes 16 seconds

Hence we can say that it is the fastest ZIP file extractor available in Playstore. Download it from the link below:


4: AndroZip™ FREE File Manager:

10 best Zip File Extractor for Android
10 best Zip File Extractor for Android

The AndroZip™ FREE File Manager is the first app to perform 2 functions. It can compress/extract your files and can also work as a File manager. This app has been downloaded by over 20,000,000 users worldwide. You can also share your files directly through email or other sharing platforms.

Download AndroZip from the link below:

5: ZArcheiver:

10 best Zip File Extractor for Android
10 best Zip File Extractor for Android

ZArchiver is the top rated ZIP extractor of Google Play Store. It has a simple and easy to use interface. ZArchiver can compress and decompress to every available format. You can also create or access password protected ZIP files using this APP.

Below is the link to download ZArxhiver from Google Play Store:


6: ALZip -File Manager and UnZip:

ALZip is a zip extractor that can also work as a file Manager. It supports all basic functions of a FIle Manager. Also, it has an inbuilt Zip file extractor. You can ZIP or Unzip files in multiple formats including tbz, tbz2, bz, bz2 etc.

With ALZip, you can also split an archive file into different parts. For example, you can split a 4 GB compressed file into 4 different 1GB files.

Note: One side fall of ALZip is that it cannot compress or Unzip file exceeding 2 GB of space. Download ALZip from the link below.

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7: Zip File Reader:

Zip File Reader is a simple tool to compress or unzip your files. It supports almost every type of file formats. Also, it has an easy interface to use. Zip File Reaser also comes with a File manager.

Although this zip file opener is quite easy to use, it also contains a lot of annoying ads. There have been reports from users that this ZIP APK spams a lot of Advertisements. Hence, you can always try the above apps before downloading this.

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8: 7Zipper:

7Ziper is a powerful zip file opener that can compress, unzip, split or browse your file. This apk supports all types of file formats. Hence, if any of the above apps fails to unzip your file, just download 7Zipper. 7Zipper also monitors your SD Card usage, and gives regular notifications about it.

Download 7Zipper from the link below:

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9: File Manager:

File manager is widely popular for its managing files in an Android smartphone. But one of its best features is an inbuilt Zip file extractor and compressor. This app has been designed and developed by ASUS Computers. Also, it has a File Explorer with an easy to use interface. You can even access files on an Local Area Network (LAN).

Download File manager from the link below:

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10: B1 Archiver:

B1 archiver is also a widely popular zip for Android. You can easily create a password protected compressed file using this app. It can also Zip/compress over 37 different file formats. B1 Archiver is also used to extract “split files” into a single file.

Download B1 Archiver from the link below:

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